Monday, December 10, 2007

security system for you computer

Whenever my computer making a mess my love always told me maybe I got some computer virus. Though I know that still have a lot to know about how to take care my computer and sometimes it pissed me when I need to do this or that but I just can’t do anything. And at times it made me prayed to have the best security software so that I don’t need to deal this stuff. Good thing Archie’s technician did install two anti viruses in my computer but I most admit that I often not convinced that my computer is free from all this viruses. Soon we might buy another computer for me and my love. I will definitely suggest my love to purchase this NOD32 anti virus. This anti virus can be used either at home or in the office; it has 100% awards from virus bulletin than any other manufacturer in the world. NOD32 anti virus provide your computer a 0 day anti virus, fast speed scanning, higher detection rate than other anti virus, lowest amount of resource utilization. So if someone out there or have a relative that is planning to buy a computer anti viruses please tell them about

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