Monday, December 17, 2007 for web hosting

Since college I have been dreaming to have a personal website but for many reasons I can not have one during that time. And one of the reasons is that I don’t know where to start. Until I found it last year through a Filipina friend online, I just love her personal website and for me that was a chance to start building my dream website. She told me that she is paying some amount for her web host. Too bad I can’t afford that time that is why I ended up searching for a free web hosting. At first pop windows advertisement was fine with me until the time that I beginning to hate it so I decided not to continue and update that website.

Now that I earn some amount I am trying to search some web hosting that offers good deal and affordable. And I reach this site and I think this site is the right one for me since I am a first timer on web hosting. They have a basic learning on the basic web hosting, quick start guide and FAQ page. I am sure I will go through some serious browsing on this page for my future use because they have a wide range of provider and I will also recommend this to anyone who is looking for a web hosting.

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