Wednesday, August 29, 2007

total lunar eclipse

Last night at 6:30 there was a total lunar eclipse. The Moon does not disappear from view during a full eclipse, but is shielded by Earth for about 90 minutes from the Sun's direct light. The longest possible duration for the total phase is 107 minutes and last occurred in July 2000.A total eclipse can only take place at full Moon, and only if the Moon passes through the zone, called the umbra, in which the Earth blocks all of the Sun's rays. The color cast by refracted light -- which can range from bright orange to blood red to copper to dark gray -- depends on the amount of volcanic gas and dust in the atmosphere blocking the Sun's light. In the absence of recent eruptions, the Moon should be a vivid red or orange, according to NASA. Total lunar eclipses normally occur roughly every couple of years, but this year there will have been two, the other having taken place on March 3. The next chance to see the Moon slip entirely into terrestrial shadows will be on February 21, 2008, but after that the wait is longer: December 2010. (From I am grateful that I witness this lunar eclipse. Astrologist says this will affect to the attitude of the person who is born under Pieces, Virgo, Gemini, and Sagittarius. But it is more evident to Pieces and Virgo. Anyone who is born on the mention sign will be easy to be mad, hot temper, irritable, and moody or you can be the reverse on the mention later. But for me I was moody and just realized it when I heard this. They also say you will fell this 2 days before the eclipse or 2 days after the eclipse.