Monday, September 17, 2007

a day of surprises..

Yesterday is indeed a day of surprises for me. First, I had this nomination for Filipino blog of the week, this is really a big surprised since I didn’t apply for this nomination I just read it on my tagboard. I tried my best to move the voting poll from talksmart site to my blog. Finally I did it after many try.hehehe…thanks for beliving to the motto "try and try until you succeed". heehe....Another surprised came in the afternoon. One of my best friends way back on college called up. I thought it was my love cos the number displayed on my mobile phone screen is from outside the country. I almost yell when I heard her voice cos I know then that she is in Hongkong. Anyway I am happy for this fellow she really needs a good income for her family. Her father is a victim of stroke and can not work back again. So much for this surprises…… my new blogger friend Trinity ask me if I can post the prayer of Yah and I said to myself why not. So here is it.Anyway Yah's cough is a result of a having a spot on her lungs and I think she need to take medicine for 6 months and in between this period she must not miss to take her medicine. So please lets continue to pray for the past recovery of Yah.Support Yah and Wan