Tuesday, September 18, 2007

a day full of action...

What a panicky situation to start my day. It was 3 o’clock in the morning when I heard noise from outside our house. My mother and I thought it is her brother who is screaming so we immediately go and check it through our door. When the noise continues my mother decided to go out to check what’s happening and I directly followed her with my elder brother. Only to find out that my uncle scream cos a crazy man with axe and knife (long knife) wanted to enter their house. Thanks God he manages to stop the crazy man for entering their house. I am really anxious when I heard that a crazy man is in the neighborhood. I instantly remembered what happened when a crazy lady spanked me while waiting for my group mate’s ways back in college. So I really had a bad experience toward mentally ill person. Anyway go back into the crazy man, a police man follow to capture the crazy man. After I heard that the crazy man is not yet captured I immediately go back to our house and called my mother to go inside too. Then I check the door in our kitchen since we don’t have proper luck on it and ask my brother to have it tied. While checking the door in our kitchen I heard a woman in our neighborhood yelling asking for help cos someone is in their house. And it was the crazy man.Good he doesn’t have this knife and axe with him instead he get the rooster of the neighborhood. I don’t want to imagine what would happen if he still have the knife and axe. I am too sleepy and I need to have some sleep I almost forgot that we need to clean our Barangay hall with some other barangay officials. Wooaaahh….the weather is good. And it is really hot but then I don’t have any choice but to do my job. I am planning to call someone to do the cleaning for me but my brother is not at home. Anyway we are done before lunch and we had a good lunch courtesy of our Barangay Chairman. Hehehehehe….after I ate I go home and have some sleep and wake at around 5.30 PM. And my day full of action ended.