Friday, September 21, 2007

Its TGIF come rejoice with me..

Woahhh…its TGIF and tomorrow it’s off for my nephew’s class so I don’t need to wake up early. My day start very early my son wakes me up to asked for water. The clock says its 4:50 in the morning and since I need to prepare breakfast for my nephew I decided not to go back to sleep Im afraid I will over sleep. Hehehehe.. So might as well do the laundry early in the morning and try to be done before 10 o’clock so I can chat with Ladyjbaers who offered a help for my new website. Finally I am done with the laundry and I immediately open my puter to check my inbox and saw Lolli’s name. It made me energized knowing it would be a response of my application to host my new site. And bingo my application is approved at Ladyjbaers do the installing of WP and fixing my SQL and in an hour my WP is done. She showed me the header of my theme and I love it. Really…it’s a bear that have a big mouth with a wings sitting and flying in the clouds. I am excited for the grand opening of this new site. She will try to finish my theme tomorrow so I can put what I want to put on my site. Mainly because it’s I will see my love tomorrow.woahhh….. it’s almost a month since I last saw him. Words can’t explain how I miss and longing for him. I miss the way he tease me, his smile, his blue eyes, hehehehe… but I not miss the LQ lol…