Friday, October 5, 2007

my 2nd award and another tag

I have another tag award from Nova, thanks for this award sis i really appreciate it. It's always a great pleasure when somebody love and want my blog.I am new in the blogging world and yet i already have 2 awards. This gave me more reason to do good in blogging.

I am now passing this award to the blogger that never fails to visit my blog. I am thankful to you guys for dropping always in my place. Ester, Rems, Femikey, Emmyrose, Diane, Rebecca, Liza and Francine.

While i am doing this tag the television at home is on the TV Patrol channel. We all know about the racism on the desperate housewives episode. This time, the Daily Show with Jon Stewart when this host called former president Corazon Aquino as slut. In the dictionary slut is a promisious woman.

I had another tagged from Emmyrose. Thanks sis for this tagged i really enjoyed answering the questions.

i am tagging Journey in Life , Rooms of my Heart, In a Class by Itself