Friday, October 12, 2007


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basic parenting

My son Justin Aiken is now 2 years old and 8 months. I realized that he is growing fast. This made me think on what approach to discipline him. Here are some tips on Basic Parenting Guide which I found through the net.

  • Use consequences not punishment. Set consequence when they do wrong. Remember a childhood naughtyness is an excuse.
  • TIME-OUT AND GROUNDED. An effective tool for controlling behavior in children is "time-out." Once a parent learns the proper use of this technique, it is very effective. What works best is one minute for each year of a child's age, up to twelve. The child must sit in one place and not play for the period of the time-out.
  • BE FAIR AND LOVING. When a child commits a wrong for which no consequence has been imposed, some parents say: "They got away with it." Not really, they have been informed that you are not pleased with their actions, and they now know exactly what will happen to them if it is repeated. This is a learning experience for both parent and child. Parents who treat their children in a fair and a consistent manner will be respected.
  • AVOID NEGATIVE COMMENTS. The more impartial you are when imposing the consequence, the better the results will be. You can even take the child's side and say "I'm sorry this happened and you have to be grounded for three days, but the time will pass quickly and I'm sure it won't happen again." Do not make angry statements. Negative comments move the system from loving and fair to nasty and vindictive. Your children will treat you and the rest of society the way they are treated. It is easier to become successful in life if you are positive rather than negative.
  • TALK WITH YOUR KIDS. Some people avoid saying what they need to say because they are afraid of the results. The outcome is always worse than it would have been. One couple failed to discuss their expectations prior to their marriage. Both were afraid such discussions might end the relationship. The result was a divorce after several months of revelations. The marriage would have had a better chance if the issues had been handled during the courtship. It was the way their parents related. Each came from a divorced home. Parents who discuss and solve problems have children who do the same
  • LOVE YOUR CHILDREN UNCONDITIONALLY. Think about these two statements: 1)"If you ever ___________, I will disown you!" 2)"I hope you never___________, but if it should happen and you need me, I will be here for you!"
  • LYING. Parents tell their children not to lie, but what about parents who lie? How do kids learn to lie? Children want to believe what their mother says is true. How can them if she says things she does not mean just to make her point. Things are said and intended as empty threats. The child resents the threat and the lie attached. Suppose you tell a four-year-old: "I'll pop you if you touch the TV!" Two weeks later they touch it and you say: "I warned you, does that again and I'll pop you!" The child did not forget what you said two weeks ago. He is testing you. If you do not follow through on what you said, the child will lose respect for you and believe it is normal to tell "little" lies.
  • BE CONSISTENT. Parents must learn to use the same consequence for the same behavior on good and bad days. If you know you are having a bad day, you must remember that your child's future depends on you being consistent and fair. Children should not have to adjust their behavior to fit their parent's moods.
  • USE A FIXED BEDTIME. This is the strongest weapon in a parent's arsenal. As long as the child is dependent on the parent for support, they can be required to comply with a firm, fixed bedtime. Bedtime should be 8:00 P.M. on school nights and 9:00 P.M. on non school nights. This can be accomplished by using a digital watch or clock with an alarm. Set the alarm for 8:01 P.M., if a child is not in bed before the alarm sounds, the consequence is a 7:30 bedtime tomorrow
  • TEACH YOUR CHILDREN VALUES. Parent must teach the children to be honest, courage, self-reliance, peacefulness, self discipline, fidelity, justice and mercy and most of all love.