Sunday, October 14, 2007

what's inside your bag?

I have been tagged by Tintin apologize for my delayed responce in your tag. Anyway her it goes.. you need to take picture what's inside your bag. And here is mine. I anow using a Sundance bag after i realize that my Secosana pink bag is a bit small for me. Here is a pic of what is inside my bag.

  • Black handy kikay kit. Inside are Beauty Control undercover make-up, Beauty Control Wrinkle Deflector, Beauty Control Cell Black- C, Beauty Control Tight Fix, Beauty Control concealer, Beauty Control pressed powder, Johnson&Johnson pressed powder, San San eye color, San San check blusher (No.1), San San lipstick (No.6), AVON lipstick (splendeRose and divine wine), Maybelline Newyork lipglos and black eyebrow.
  • Natasha wallet inside are my ID’s, picture of me and my son, ATM, receipt.
  • Victoria Secret’s body lotion (Romance Wish), Victoria Secret’s body splash (Amber Romance).
  • Handy mirror, blue comb, hair clip and panty liners.
  • Coin purse, pilot ballpen (black and blue).
  • Newest phone and internet bill. I always put the new bill on my bag so for me to pay them on time.
  • McDonalds discount coupon. Hehehehhe…
  • My Nokia mobile phone its not on the picture because i used it to take the picture.hehehe
  • Some paper trash.hehehehe...

I am now tagging Lisa of Thoughts Of Me , MarieJ of Sweet Lullaby, Shabem of Embrace Simplicity

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