Saturday, October 20, 2007

hallowen gift

Hallowen is fast approaching, timely I recieved this hallowen treat from ester thanks for this sistah... i am passing this treat to Love me now..hate me soon, Mrs. Brooks, Luchi, Rebecca. whoah...this tagged gave me long time since lot of my blogger friends have this award.

craving for goggle page rank

Because I want to earn money in blogging I am searching on the web on what tools might help me to have a higher page rank and to acquire more readers. It’s discouraging that my blog was denied on a site where I submit my blog and their reason is because I have 0 goggle page ranks. Huh…amusing cos I really don’t know that a rank page is important in blog.
I am wondering how I will increase my goggle page rank. It is still 0 at this moment. I am amaze when my Alexa traffic because it is doing well. I have read joining forum is one of a good approach cos I well be allowed to put my signature that links to my blog. Tried to join some site that I think will help me snatch some reader. I am hoping that soon my goggle page rank will change. Huh…this goggle thingy is now getting into my nerve.
I will also try to find great topic that will find me interesting. Anyway I have my other site so I’ll entry my daily thought about how my life is going on. Hahahaha.. fyi its not mean that I will not post personal entry here. I still so worry no more.
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