Tuesday, October 30, 2007


While I am waiting for my love's call i decided to visit here although i am too sleepy. I always want to visit Ester's blog. This time i am really happy for her cos her goggle page rank is doing good while mine is still zero when i check it on my side bar.After sending a comment to Ester i decided to login to rank widget to check my GP and traffic rank. And i just can't beleived it when u try to check my rank it appear then my google page rank is 4. I tried to check it again and i still have the same answer. Then i d ecided to visit my page rank and i still have the same answer. I really hope this is true. Will see if nothing will change after a week i am not dreaming then.hehehehe

post election entry

Finally the election is through. But some of the family relationship and friendship were broken. I am grateful that my mother made it to the magic 7. They were tie with her nephew who was our SK Chairman. But I feel bad because of my cousin who runs for SK. Chairman she only losses for 1 blank vote. Although the other opponent detains some of the SK voters my uncle still manage to get some voters. If they only play fair I’m sure my cousin has a big chance. Anyway there mother did not won for councilor good for them. Anyway good thing we decided in the last hour of voting to vote for my cousin and my mother because we knew then that they were junk by their line-up. If we were not do it there is a possible that my cousin and mother will lost the battle.


When I enter to the world of blogging I notice that some of my friends are earning through their blogs.And after scanning some of the posts about how they got paid from blogging it capture my attention and decided to give it a try. Anyway there is no harm in trying. Although I really don’t believe that I can be paid from my own blog. After searching and reading some site that offer bloggers to be paid just by writing about a product and their services. While searching I came up with this site called Bloggerwave and said to my self why not try this one and bingo I immediately sign the bloggers membership. I thought becoming a Bloggerwave was difficult not until I got their e-mail saying that my blog is approved. Yepeyyy.. I got approved in just a matter of days. Now I will be looking forward for my first payment through paypal. bloggerwave