Tuesday, November 6, 2007

updates of PBB

  • Whoaaahh i haven't been posting updates of the Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition. To be honest then i haven't had a chance to follow this reality show everyday. I am infront of the pc when this show is aired to i can not watch it unless i want to make a mess to my love **winks**... Anyway i will update you guys who was evicted from the house.

  • The first evicted housemate were The Brainy Babe and the Despised Babe. This two ladies is playing as 2 in 1 housemates. Meaning what ever happened to the one housemate it will also happened to the her other housemate. Both girl choose the Advocates for youth as their charity.

Marylaine Viernes Jennifer Da Silva

  • The second evicted housemate was Zara Aldana The Poor Beauty Queen from Las PiƱas City. Her choosen charity is the St. Camillus Medhaven, Marikina City.

Zephora Aldana Mayon

  • The next to be oust in Kuya's house is the Racing Goddess in the of Gabriella Dela Merced. THis girl is not evicted frome the house but she will voluntary exit. Big Brother asked Gaby to choose between staying at the house or attend an international seminar about racing. And because this girl wants to succeed in her chosen field she choose to have her exit. Icanserve Foundation is her charity. Since gaby will exit on saturday there be on eviction on Saturday.

Gabriella Dela Merced