Friday, November 9, 2007


I am watching the news while I am infront of my pc. I am not certain if I will shout for rejoice or ill be sad because the Peso is really doing good. It is now 42.79 pesos to 1 dollar. Does it mean our economy is doing well? Okay, the economy is prosperous and would really hope it will continue. As this can be a resource of possible investors. Furthermore it also give some potential job to thousands of unemployed Filipinos. But how about the Overseas Filipino Workers? Who forgo to be far from their families. Just to earn more than they earn here in our country. Do they need to have more than one job to send more to their families? for crying out loud…how can they rest? I feel bad of this because my mother once an OFW and she is not sending that big to us. And i am sure this will continue since the Holiday season is in the corner and lot of Filipino who are in other country will surely send some amount for thier family.


What's going to Bloggerwave? Few weeks ago i can not login to my account and when i able to login i am again ask to do the task about the bloggerwave. But i can not do anything but do the task again although my first post was already approved but it shows nothing in my profile. The other day i login to my account and i saw in my dashboard that i need to do the atsk about the site again. boy.....its the third time that i am ask to do this task. I tried to check my profile and i was sad when i saw that i dont have any task pending or approve.