Monday, November 12, 2007


Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket I got this from my friendster comment i was really touched when I saw this one. Ate Liz a big thanks for this. You never fails to put a smile into my lips. Although we haven't had a chance to chat in YM you will be always in my thoughts and you know.And you know you will be my great ate online. Anyway I met this bubbly sister in friendster. I will promise to put her URL tomorrow i although want to do it now but my eyes is heavy now that she want to close any time.hehehehe....

PR going down?

While i am blog hopping I read in some post that their PR is going down. From PR4 going down to PR2. Will i guess this is true cos my page rank was 4 last week and its now PR3. huhuhuhu.. I will just pray that it will not go down anymore as they said the higher the PR the more opps available for your blog. I am getting excited cos soon i will be reaching the miminum days on my blog. My blog was declined by PPP cos i haven't reach 90 days minimum from the first post. Too bad i did not start blogging in blogspot. Although I have a blog in friendster and tripod.

good and bad

Hurry...... finally I had the PPP direct badge on my side bar. A big thanks to Emmyrose thanks for this sister. I've been trying to figure this out but to no luck. I am really happy when i saw the code. I am looking forward to work with them. heehehehe...
I fell really bad cos i havent fix the problem on my sidebar citation on my angelic-pink site. Will you can't see any problem if you will check the site in internet explorer but if you view it on firefox you will see the problem on the side bar. Any for sure it will be okay in time like what happened to my PPP badge.