Friday, November 16, 2007

credit card reward program

Sometimes we feel not want to bring lot of cash when we do shopping. Especially if we need to pass through a public area, we can’t deny that bad citizens are just around the corner moreover than the holiday is fast approaching. Because of this we want to have a credit card. Before we decide in where to apply to have a credit for us we really check some bank on who offers good deal to their client. Now you don’t have to worry because Credit Card Reward Program is here to serve you. They have been serving to people for long time now. You can compare many companies who you think offer the best. They have listed credit companies that offers cash back, points and even reward for every purchased using the credit card.

At it is not a problem if you are still pursuing your studies because they also have something for you. If you don’t earn much have these low interest credit cards for you.Not only this they still have more types of credit cards for you to choose. Now you don’t need to worry and visit many banks to have a credit card you can have it with you finger tips.

question tag

I am tagged by Eds thanks for this sister.

Her question# 1: "When did you start blogging and why?"

I started to blog in friendster by then I don't have idea that I can earn through blogging. It was really just for fun. I love to write a diary back in high school. Then my second blog was in tripod by then i start to submit my blog in some advertising site but always rejected cos tripod don't accept of monetizing blog. Then I came up with blogger which I read through searching.

Her question# 2: "What do you address your spouse as endearment and why?

My endearment to my boyfriend is my love but we actually have many endearment we sometimes use asawa ko, astin min, and sometimes i call him handsome and he call me cutie. Eds question # 3 : " Who's Blog do you admire most & why? " I actually like all blog that is in my link. But Rebecca of Skippyheart always touch my heart whenever i read her entry. Just that it always came in her heart. I mean she really write deep. My additional question is: How long have you been earning in you blog? I am now passing this tagged to Emmyrose, MarieJ, and Nova

thanks god it's friday

It's Friday again but i still need wake up tomorrow morning to prepare my nephew to school. I was inform by him that they will have a class for 2 consecutive Saturday's. Maybe they will have early an early Christmas vacation to they are trying to catch some lesson. And although it's Friday I still need to do some paper work because majority of the barangay councilor will be out of their office at the end of this month. I need to finish the supplemental budget and let them sign it before the need of this month. Boy.....I again need to deal with some computation and scanning my previous transaction. So good luck for me cos I'll be dealing with numbers.hehehehehe... my less favorite.

main bedding pages

For us to have a great sleep we must have a good and comfortable bed. Having good beddings will help us to have a bed that seems inviting us to take a rest. Looking for this stuff is not trouble-free. To think that we must check every details of the product to have a good one. Most of all we must consider if it will look luxurious in our bed and well fit in our room

I found these unique pages. com which has main bedding pages. I was surprise to see lot of bedding design. They also have bunch of girls bedding that will surely grasp some ladies attention. So worry no more girls because you can now design your bed the way you want it. But beware because they are not only for girls but for everyone they even have a design for kids. What is great with them is that they have available costum bedding for you.You will actually enjoy the value of your money because their product is made especially for you. In case of quality you have nothing to say for the reason that it is made of new technology and made one at a time. So you will have a good quality. Hurry up check them out for you to be amaze of their designs.

what i have done?

Just finish encoding the supplemental budget from our Barangay and I immediately check my inbox while waiting for my love to chat. I always have bundle of e-mail from a group furom I joined and sometimes i don't read them one by one I just click the box and delete them. But this time a accidentally check the delete all button without reading the pop up box. Only to found out that I don't have any message from my inbox. huhuhu.... i tried to retrieve it but to no vail. I am really sad cos I have lot of e-mail from my love. I have been saving his first smile that i received from him. How i wish i can do something to have them back.