Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Just wake up to eat my dinner. Argh.....I am really starving and I will again go back to sleep. I am a bit tired and not feeling good. My lower tummy is aching and this PMS huh......maybe ill have my monthly visitor soon. ooohhh i know girls out there will understand this PMS thingy.....goodnight friends

5 things to look back

Trinity from Rooms of my Heart tagged me to look back 5 times. Sorry Trin this tag is long time over due. I was having a hard time choosing my old post since my blog is only new.. *winks*

*** INSTRUCTIONS: *** 1. Post 5 links to 5 of your previously written posts. The posts have to relate to the 5 key words given below. 2. Tag 5 other friends to do this meme. Try to tag at least 2 new acquaintances (if not, your current blog buddies will do) so that you get to know them each a little bit better. 3. Don’t forget to read the archived post and leave comments. ************************

Not sure who hasn't done this tag, Rebecca, PrettyLifeonline, flsam,poray

want a broadband connection

Today, almost we can almost do everything through online. I used dial up connection before and heck it always pain in the neck. That is why I don’t really surf like I browse the net today. Gladly my beloved boyfriend decided I applied for a faster connection and now I can browse and research for my cousin project through the net. But I must admit that my connection is sometimes makes us crazy especially when I am chatting to my love. Nahhh… how I wish I could have a faster connection.

Having a broadband isp for sure will make my chat with my love more enjoyable. If you are in UK you will surely have this kind of connection.BT total broadband offer various kind of internet connection for you to choose from and for reasonable price. What is good with them is they offer a one month free internet tutorials. So you not need to enroll you kids in a course for them to know how to use with the pc/laptop online.

At BT total broadband you will for sure have a great broadband isp for they promise to have up to 8mb download speed, wireless BT home hub, best security, and BT vision digital TV recorder. For sure that is something to nice to grab.


yahoo another opps to grab today. hehehehe... yay...too bad i was not able to grab the one opp someone grab it when I was about to grab it. Not bad anyway cos I did grab the higher amount.

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Today silver you can see silver in almost all people, I my self is also fascinated with silver and I have some collection of it. This is only meant that the demand of silver is also going high like gold.

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good morning peps..

Good morning to all.....I wake up early although it was very late when i go back to sleep. I thought it was 7 am when i open my eyes. hmhmhmhm... I hurriedly wake up my nephew when I finish preparing his breakfast. Thanks it is just 6 am on our clock on top of the television. The sun is not showing up and I doubt if the rain will stop today. Too much mud outside that I am lazy to go out. But again I need to carry my nephew to the road so he will not get dirty when he arrive at school.

what a great surprise

Surprised....surprised...surprised...yes you read it right. I mention surprised three times and i will still mentioning it until I am done with this post.hehehehe... Why not? I already had my first payment through blogging. I was shock when I check my inbox that one of the sire i join to earn blogging paid me through my paypal. I hurriedly open my paypal account and accept the payment. Now I prove to my self that i can earn with my blog. Getting excited to shop online hahahaha.....but still long way to go. I still have one more opps to do but i will do that tomorrow morning. I simply need to go back to sleep now. good night everybody or should I say good morning .hehehehhe

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yay...after long hours of waiting

It's still raining outside. And the electricity has been on and off the whole day and i was thinking I can not go online today. Good thing I had it back at around 11 in the evening. I immediately go online praying that my love is still online cos he just called a while ago if I already had electricity. And finally i have to do 2 reserved opps now. But I am not sure I can finish it this evening co my eyes simply wants to have a rest. Just logoff from my YM and I am happy to see my handsome love.hehehehe.. I know everybody here will understand how i feel. You know seeing the man of your life in cam is really a good since you can't be with him at this very moment.