Thursday, November 22, 2007

happy thanks giving

For thousands of years, people have set aside a day to celebrate the autumn harvest, giving thanks for a plentiful growing season. Ancient Hebrews held a special eight-day feast to celebrate their harvest season. And, people in ancient Greece dedicated a nine-day harvest festival to Demeter, the goddess of agriculture. Similarly, pre-Christian Europeans marked a good harvest with a large feast before crops were gathered and stored for the winter.

Celebrations surrounding the autumn harvest have continued throughout history, and many modern cultures have set aside a specific day to give thanks. The date and customs may vary from country to country, but the desire to take time and reflect on life's blessings remains the same.

In the United States, this day of thanks is called Thanksgiving. It is a national holiday observed on the fourth Thursday of November. On this day, family and friends get together for a feast to celebrate their good fortune, relax and enjoy one another's company. It is also the unofficial beginning of the winter holiday season.

insignia HDTV at krillion

I always dream to have a flat television at home but budget don’t permit us to buy one for us. Hence I can’t buy a flat TV in the near future I feel affection searching online and check online shopping stores that offer flat TV. We all know that sometimes we can’t find the site that can trace where to find the product we are looking for. Online shoppers always check the nearest online store that has the item they want to buy online. At you will not only found television but also freezer, refrigerators and many others.

Buying television are one of those careful purchased buyers need to assess in person, compare next to each other, and ask more questions about. Krillion is all about that. Thus you not need to fuss because it is sure that their Insignia HDTV is the best flat television you can see online because they update their product regularly. You can also see number of Insignia HDTV available

waiting to chat

While waiting for my handsome love to be online I decided to check if I have some opps to grab this afternoon. hmhmhm.. I can say that i am lucky today because I able to grab to opps from blogitive. And often I dont have any filler when i need to do opps with them cos I need to have at least 2 private entry. Anyway i am not done transferring my links but promise to do it later today.hehehehe...

my new blog

yeheyyy.... finally i will open my other blog to my blogger friends. please visit my blog at please free to add me and just leave a message to my cbox and i link you back. thanks in advance. I also want to have a new look on my this blog so i decided to change the template. So please bear with me if hindi nyo makita ang mga link nyo dito. But I'll put it back again promise.hehehehe

vacuum cleaner at dyson

I am not that good in cleaning the house; it’s my sister who is good in this field. Although I not really like this much I still do some cleaning at home. We don’t have any vacuum cleaner so I really need to do it manually. I know there is a lot of household that need of a vacuum cleaner in UK. I am thinking to tell about dyson site to my friends in UK and encourage them to check them before they decide to purchase a vacuum. For sure they will found an interesting Dyson vacuum cleaner that will fit in their house and budget. Dyson site is an award winning customer service therefore this only means that their customers are in good hand. And if I will be in UK I will definitely visit and buy their product.

Why not? They have numerous of vacuum cleaner for you to choose. You can choose in; upright range is ideal for cleaning larger area of carpet, cylinder range is best for mixed and hard floors and if you have a small storage at home this one is best for you, hand held range great cleaning in small areas and quick clean ups. They also have genuine complete parts and accessories and blade for your old vacuum.

If you have Dyson vacuum cleaner cleaning will not be a tiring task. Come and visit their site for you to look around and check it for yourself.

early morning

Hello friends, i go back to bed last night very late. I thought I will be staying in bed late in the morning. But I am surprised when i woke up at 6:12 in the morning. So I decided to sweep outside cos I never doing that for the past few days cos of raining. Good the weather is a bit okay now hope it will continue until this afternoon.

ceiling fans at

When we heard of summer the first thing that will come to our mind is humid and sticky because of sweating too much. Fanning will not really help us to stop from sweating; we of course need to stop if our hand is tired. That is why we tend to go out or visit some park just to have some air. But then we can’t do this everyday until the end of summer.

Having ceiling fans at home is a good idea. We don’t need to go out to have some air. The first thing that we do when we decide to buy something is to look for a good design that will fit in our place. At you don’t need to worry because they have thousand of ceiling fans and ceiling fans accessories for you and more than a dozen admired manufacturer of this product. To name a few casablanca, craftmade, ellington, fanimation, hunter fan company and many more.

Hence they have thousand of ceiling fans available visitors can shop by ceiling fan brand or by style. Most likely I will choose casablanca fans if I were to buy. It is because of elegance, versatility, efficiency, endurance and comfort. Not to mention the everlasting design that will make your home more comfortable place to live in.