Friday, November 23, 2007

designer taps at

I have been fascinated to see luxurious bathroom. Seeing fashionable sink and a designer bathroom taps on the sink always snatch my attention. Bearing in mind I will have this stunning sink and taps will surely make my bathroom more elegance.

Our bath and toilet is in one room and whenever we use the bath portion we can’t avoid that the toilet is also wet. That is why I am thinking to put a shower door. And I saw one that grasps my interest at You can also see bunch design of shower, electric shower, taps, bathroom accessories, bathroom suits, bathroom furniture, bathroom cabinets, bath, bath tubs, and many more.

If you are in a process of building your bathroom and kitchen then is the right place to visit. They almost have everything that you need in you bathroom and kitchen.

fast pay day loan

Lately some of us having problem of money shortage. Why not? Many of the basic commodities are getting expensive and sometimes we have to pay unexpressive expenses. It happens that although we struggle to find extra money we can’t simply find anything. And we can’t simply deny that it makes our head in pain. Now worry no more because I found this company for you that offer pay day loan cash advance. You can apply it online no sweat no hassle.

At they offer quick cash advance and payday loan for all of us that need extra money. They are currently offering the best rates and fast approvals for unsecured up to $1500. Once the application is approve they will immediately notify you and usually you they can lend $100 to $1500. And you will have the money directly to your checking account safe and secure. Isn’t a good offer?

got an super star award

I again received an award from my blogger friend. As usual I always feel good and excited. Just the thought of someone notice my blog makes me feel good to continue blogging and strive more to make it better. Thanks for this sis Norms. i really appreciate it. A am now passing this blog award to MarieJ, Emmyrose, Rebecca, and Ester.

online studies at Capella University

At present many of us want to have a bachelor's diploma, masters or doctoral but we can’t simply do that because we are too busy working or attending to our family. Online education is the best way to do if you can’t attend in the regular university because of this reason. Looking for a good online university is complicated for you will see numbers of listed online university and some of them are not really good.

To make sure we are in a good online university the first thing to check if they are listed in The Higher Learning Commission and capella university is one of the registered university online. Founded in 1993, they offer business information technology, education, human services, public health, public safety, and psychology. All in all they have 19 degree program, 104 specializations, and more than 870 numbers of courses as of October 24, 2007. Capella university has a high quality academic excellence and practicing balanced business growth.


Just wake up to use the toilet and since I did not able to chat my last night cos I don't have electricity. He really worried sick cos of this super typhoon that is coming. I only hope this typhoon will move towards different direction. Anyway its a bit windy outside but no rain. So still nothing to worry a lot. I am praying our safety and to other's people specially to those you are in the center of this typhoon. nah......i almost forgot that I have a reserve opps to do last night. So I better do it now before going back to bed before i lost it.