Saturday, November 24, 2007

home medical at allegro medical

Are you a first time mom? If so, I am sure that you also bump into a situation when you need something for you baby but you can’t find it in any store near you. Isn’t annoying that no matter how we try we still can’t find it. And you don’t have any idea where to find them. If you’re in the United States worry no more because Allegro Medical is the answer of your baby’s needs.

Allegro Medical is the first ecommerce in medical equipment and home health supplies. They have been in the business since 1996 and serving more than one million customers online. They have almost everything that you need in terms of home medical. As a mother to a baby I look through under children/pediatric and I saw numbers of baby’s need from infant formula, toys, vitamins, chairs, walkers and a lot more stuff for baby. And I was surprise because they also offer baby’s gift ideas and deal.

They also have exercise and fitness equipment, nutritional dietary supplements, maternity supplies and outdoor gear. What are you waiting for shop with them to avail discounts.


Just done my laundry one hour ago and I am planning to take a nap. Thanks to my younger brother for helping me doing the laundry if not i will be here in my pc this time.My back really need some rest.hehehe.... But before I go with my plan I decided to open my pc to check if there are some opps for me. Not lucky enough cos smorty did not give me some opps to grab today like what happened last weekend. I am thinking if smorty really dont give opps during Saturdays and Sundays. yay.. i am not losing hope I will again try to check later today when i wake up.

to stay or not to stay?

The barangay election was held last month and the new elected barangay officials take their oath yesterday. As one of the appointed barangay official I am not sure if I will stay in my job or I will lost it. I haven’t heard that the new set of barangay official will appoint new set of appointed officials. But I have been hearing some gossip that they will appoint a new treasurer. Nah…. I will not believe that unless the council says it to me. Anyway I am waiting for their first session cos I will know where I stand. So until then I will keep my fingers cross.

hearing protection at

Sometimes we forget how important our hearing. Seldom we don’t mind when out ear is hurting. I came from a big family and sometimes my brother’s and cousin played loud music and I can’t stop then each time I asked them to minimize the volume. I guess because they feel the music when it is loud. And almost everyday my little cousins, nephew and son play at home. And we all know when the children are playing shouting and unintentional noise.

I once told my mother that I want to buy a Hearing Protection because too much noise in a day simply makes my ears hurt. Using ear plugs is in fact great for my ears. This is very useful for all the unplanned loud noise, loud music, loud truck and cars engine. I would advise the musician to have a Musician ear plug. Especially to those who are playing loud music. They should take extra care to their hearing because it one of their assets in the music industries.