Sunday, November 25, 2007

an over due award

I received another award from Eds. I am happy to know that Eds think me as a star blogger. BTW sorry sis I only grab this now i know it is long over due now.hehehhe.... I am passing this award to all my blog list. As in all my bloggers that is listed in my linkies.

why we say god bless you when we sneeze?

I always asked question why we need to say GOD BLESS YOU whenever we sneeze. The first thing that will pop on my mind is that our ancient generation has been doing that and was passing on to the next generation until now. I read this on yahoo that the reasons why we say god bless you when someone is sneezing are follows:

  • In Medieval times they believed that when someone sneezed the body is ousting the demons by saying “god bless you” they were hoping to guard against the evil spirits entering to the body.
  • In older times it was thought that evil spirit needed to enter the body to posses a person. The spirit then would make you sneeze, cough, or yawn to get an opening. In order to stop them people would cover their mouth and others would say god bless you.
  • In ancient time they believe that when you sneeze some of your soul would escape. Or that were probably die. They believe by saying “god bless you” their soul will be save from hell or it helps to send their soul in God’s care.

I believed that this tradition has been practice for a decade.

join bloggerwave

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