Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Question tag

I was tagged with a question tag before but since it’s a different question I will answer it. Thanks Twerlyn for tagging me.

  • Thira :What is the quality you like most about yourself...and why?
  • Answer: Easy to please. Because whenever I am in bad mood and someone try to cheer me up I will definitely laugh and feel okay. You don’t want to give me expensive things just to please me. I believe in the saying “it’s the thought that counts.
  • Twerlyn: In your opinion, what is the essence of being a woman.
  • Answer: Lyn para naman akung kasali sa Ms U. but anyway her is my answer. For me the essence of being a woman is having a child of your own. Not all women are given a chance to carry a child in her womb. Being a good wife is one factor of being a woman.
  • My question: What do you think is the best achievement you had in your life?
I am tagging Poray Eds and Anne

cartridge finder for your printer

I don’t have a printer yet but how I wish I own a printer. I spend some bucks whenever I need to print my nephew’s project. And maybe do some business at home. But to those who own a computer shop that accept printing and encoding. I will recommend them to check Cartridge Finder. This will help them find a printer cartridge that will work well to the printer. And will absolutely make their costumer satisfied with your work and they will for sure go back to do business with you. is a simple and a friendly user site.

Filipino happy people

I am watching the local news while I am in front of the pc. A news about the Filipino being second place for being the happiest people in Asia. This is per a survey result, India bagged the first place with 87.2% and Philippines with 85% too bad i was not able to catch what is the next Asian county. It really nice to know that although many of our countrymen do have lot of problem we still manage to be smile and be happy. As the song says tumawa ka, tawanan mo ang yung problema it means laugh, laugh at your problem.Yay, i hope i manage to translate it. ******************************************************** Anyway i receive another e-mail saying that i have post rejected because i link to anchor text instead of one. Good I can still fix that error and submit it again for approval. This incident will teach me to be careful about anchor text and links.

sign up with PPP

I never thought that I can earn while blogging. Will at first I am hesitant until I noticed that some of my friends have this Pay Per Post badges. As I can see on the badges they are paying in every post. So I get interested and decided to click one of the badges on my friend’s blog. And take me to their main site. While scanning on how to be paid in every post I saw the site blog network and end up signing with the form provided for the applicants.

That time my blog was barely more than a month that made my blog not to qualify their qualification. I was said through the e-mail which I received from them that I was not able to meet their 90 days minimum day old from the first post. But I was advice to enjoy their PPP Direct while waiting for my blog approval. Yesterday my blog turns 90 days I am not really expecting that I will receive an e-mail confirming my blog approval that soon.

I hurriedly log in into my account and surprised to saw some opps that are available for me. I tried my best to do the opps properly and hoping it will not be decline. I was expecting that the post approving will take some day but I am stunned to see in my inbox confirming my blog post approval. It is really easy as long as the blogger will follow the instruction on how to do the entry. I am getting excited to buy something for my son on my first earning from Pay Per Post.

trying my patient

Grrrrr.. What is going on with my pc today? I noticed it since the other day that although I am typing as fast as I can but the letter is too slow to upper on my monitor. And when I click the site below the screen it takes some seconds before I finally see it. Nahh….is there something wrong with my pc or this pc of mine want to try how patient I am. Well to be honest this pc of mine is annoying me. I hope that my pc will be back to normal later today.

reach the minimum

I am reach the minimum post per blog on PPP. hay, how I wish I have one more blog so I can grab more. I hope it is okay I grab the opp for newbie postie cos i was not able to grab it. Silly me i really thought I can grab all the opps that is avialable for me. Anyway I was able to grab 2 more opps in smorty and reserve the other one.hehehe.. I need to do something before nanay will shout at me.

broadband at Bt broadband

Today we can almost do everything online. But in order to make this we need to have a fast connection. Having a slow connection is sometimes pain in the ass. I once had a very slow connection and made me inactive to surf the net. But now I have DSL connection so I can browse any time I want.

At BT broadband you will surely enjoin browsing the net and visiting some site that you will love to check. You can also choose what kind of broadband connection that you think is good to you. With them you will enjoy great saving in food, drink, travel, leisure and lifestyle treats.

You can also enjoy their wi fi broadband great offer. This include wireless BT home hub, BT hub phone and unlimited downloads for only. And the good thing about them is they have 24/7 costumer support.

done with my morning routine

Finally I am done with my morning routine. My nephew is now on his way to his school. And the sweet bugger is asking me foe his bag. nahh at his age he already want to go to school. What i did is I bring him to our daycare center. Too early that is why the daycare teacher is not around so my son just ask me to go home cos because they have no class the teacher is not around. I am also done sweeping the yard which i do sometimes 2 times a day. Now I will just wait for my love to come online. Nahh he should be online today cos he was around last night. Am I too demanding? Will that is love.

good quality rack for you business

Do you own a hardware business? Having a hardware business need to have a strong rack that is good and well-built for you still product. This is for your product safety. I saw this cantilever rack that definitely helps you in your business. This design is good for long and heavy load for your metal storage. This rack is flexible and adjustable, has a popular design, but most of all this will help your hardware rack simpler as you will put different product in safe and secure place. And this will also help your employee find that product that your buyers need to buy.


thank you PPP for the opps that pouring to me this morning. And i really hope this will continue this week and the following week. hehehehe... I am a bit slow doing this opps since i am still learning and confuse too if i need to post it in a row or i need to make non paid post before the next opps.hayyyy can somebody help me... But most of all i want to thanks God for the blessing that keep on coming to my way.

cheap mortgages for you

Today house rising market is getting higher and higher each year and the best choice to have a mortgage. My mother house is not yet done and my boyfriend once advice me if we can have mortgage from the bank. It is really nice idea but we need to be careful on what company or bank to choose. And picking the right bank or company is sometimes pain in our head. Of course there are many companies to choose that offers mortgages. But we need to find who is offering a good deal to their clientele.

If you are in UK, Nations Finance recommends cheap mortgages and fixed rate mortgages to their client. Many of us have a bad credit history and sometimes make us difficult to find a company that will trust us and give another chance. With them having a bad credit history is not a problem you just need to sign up their online application provided for their applicants. Isn’t a good start?

sweet bugging

yay, I PPP accepted my blog and i saw many opps available for me and i am trying to type and finish every opp as fast as i can but my son keep on calling me and always ask for an embrace. Isn't a sweet gesture for a 2 years and 10 months old. My son really love to be kiss and give a kiss to us. Just hope he will stay the same when we get older but i doubt it. Maybe he will be shy to kiss and hug me in front of many people like some guys do. But that is many years from now so i will just enjoy his embraces and kisses.

garage floors for your garage

Does you garage make you mad? Because the floor is broken or lot of oil scattered all over the garage. And we know if your garage floor is concrete it will be time consuming if we clean it every time we fix our car. Now you don’t have to fuss because you can make your garage floors superior to other garage in your neighborhood. At you can find good flooring for your garage. It is easy to set up meaning you don’t need to hire someone just to put this flooring in your garage. What are you waiting for move now and make you garage standout from other garage in the neighborhood.

blog thingy

Your Linguistic Profile:
35% General American English 35% Yankee 20% Dixie 5% Upper Midwestern 0% Midwestern
I am wondering how my english American english do. I found this blog thing at Anne blog. And try it for my self. And the result.....ohhhh check it for your self and judge how me.hehehe... I am sure i will take some survey like this. It just fun discovering how this thing work with me. For sure some will say correct attitude about me.

good morning

Good morning to all.. I just wake up to use the toilet and my love did not wake me up last night for a chat like we agreed. Maybe he has something to do but he usually send me sms or call me. Now he makes me worry again. Anyway since It almost 5 am and need to prepare my nephew's breakfast I decided not to go back to sleep again cos i might over sleep. My blog reach the 90 days minimum yesterday that PPP needs me to do but no confirmation e-mail yet. I am keeping my finger cross until then