Thursday, November 29, 2007

another blog

I am glad after many months of trying to make a blog at brave journal. I at last I manage to make it. Thanks Poray for the tips. Although the template is not that good as the other brave journals template on my friends list will my template now is quite okay. I will just change it some other times if I will be more familiar with this site. I named my brave journal blos as My Online Paradise. Isn’t cool? Hayy….wala lang kasi akung maisip na magandang title.

coupon deal for this christmas

Christmas holiday is just around the corner, and many of us are bust making list on what to buy for Christmas present. Because we need to buy number of present we try to search stores that offers good discount. Worry no more because is a one stop coupon deal and discount resource for their online visitors. They focus on costumer support and providing up to date codes and promotional deals and discounts that is beyond compare in ecommerce industry.

Hence many of us are hoping to have a new digital camera, ipods, MP3 and many more. At best buy you will see numbers of best electronics and high-tech gadget that will absolutely a great present that your love one will want to received this holiday season. They offer this holiday a great markdown to their prices.

If I’ll be given a chance to choice on what gift I would love to have this Christmas I will without any doubt I will choice a HP Laserjet printer. I have been planning to buy a printer but I don’t have an extra budget for. So might as well have that as a present.


I was in Tacloban few hours ago. And decided to drop at the union Bank branch to asked what I need to present if I apply for an Eon account so i can transfer my earning in paypal. I was really disappointed that they are asking for 1 mandatory identification card either a GSIS ecard which is impossible to get cos i am not a government employee, SSS id which i also don't have, last is the TIN number and of course i don't have this also. So i will need to get either TIN number or SSS id so i can open an Eon account in Union Bank.

two by two meme

Ice tagged which she call as two by two tags. thanks for this sis I am tagging Femikey, Nova, Joyce and Lisa. Femikey also tagged me with this meme.

  1. Two name I go by: Rosemarie and Lotlot
  2. Two things I am wearing right now. Black short pants and green T-shirt
  3. Two things I want (or have) in a relationship: I want love and trust
  4. Two things I like to do: I like to watch movie with my love and take opps
  5. Tow things I want very badly at this moment: By now I am not craving anything
  6. Two things I did last night: Chat to my handsome boyfriend, update my blogs
  7. Two things I ate today: Rice and grilled pork
  8. Two persons I last spoke to: My love through chat and my mother
  9. Two favorite beverages: Hmmm….sprite and orange juice
  10. Two things I am going to tomorrow: I don’t have any definite plan yet.
  11. Two favorite days of the week: Saturdays and Sundays
  12. Two favorite holidays: Christmas and New Years
  13. Two things about me that you may not have known:
  14. Two jobs that I had in my life: Data encoder and my job now as Barangay Treasurer (hmm I don’t call that as a real job)
  15. Two movies I would watch over and over: Armagedon and Maid in Manhattan
  16. Two places I have lived: Tanauan Leyte and San Juan. Metro Manila (for almost 7 months)
  17. Two of my favorite foods: Guisado and kalderita
  18. Two places I would rather be right now: In Manila with my love and in any place in the Philippines

truly wedding favor for your wedding

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At you will have bulky of theme wedding favor. You don’t need to fret if you are not good enough in using the personal computer because there website design is friendly user. You will just choose what king of theme you want and you will have many choices for that theme alone.

And because they encourage their costumers to buy in bulk they for sure offer some discount. A good offer indeed because you still need to buy lot of stuff and the amount you take from the discount can be use to buy some stuff that you still need.

travel insurance at Kanetix Travel Insurance

Do you love traveling? Will then you need to have a travel insurance then. We can never predict if there is a possible accident that may come to our way while we are traveling. I found this site that you don't need to give any important information such as emails but allow possible client to compare multiple quotes of insurance. They also guarantee a free of charges services if you will not purchase the insurance.

If you live some where in Canada I will recommend that you try .They offer number of options for Travel Insurance. They also offer comparison shopping for insurance. A basic travel insurance cover emergency medical treatment and hospital stays but you can have option of what policy you want to buy. I am sure if you will have this policy you can travel anytime without being worried what’s going to happen.

goodnight again

yay, i got another opps from the other site. I thinking to do it tomorrow but maybe somebody will have it. I decided to it na lang sayang naman if mawala pa. I will call this night end or should i say i start my morning. hehehehe... I just hope i can wake up tomorrow early for I need to prepare my nephew to school. Hay.. sana hindi ako gisingin ng aking mahal na nanay. bye bye and goodnight. Hey, i hope i will grab higher opps tomorrow.

car mover's

Are planning to move to another into another country? You will probably having a problem on how you can transport your car or any vehicles that you have. You can see many car movers in the business. But you need to consider about the welfare of your car. We want an auto transport that can be trusted.

National car shipping is the best in this industry and has the cheapest rate in moving cars. They have been in the business for 20 years. I am sure you like idea that your car is insured while on travel. They also transport motor cycle and boats. If you are moving to another country worry no more because they also have international car shipping.

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My eyes is too tired now and need to have some sleep but before I finally sign off I want to share this story. I mention in my previous post about having a wrong computation for the BIR tax in our barangay electric bill. And I even paid the surcharge. Yesterday morning I am pissed to found out that the bill I paid from our barangay fund was actually our electric bill. Impractical of me not to checking the name of the bill before I prepare the voucher, check. Anyway I will charge this to experience and for sure I will always be careful on what I will do from then on.

great hotel reservations

When we plan to have a vacation the first thing that will pop on our mind is to have a Hotel Reservations. Then the next step is to choose which country you plan to visit. At you can choose whether to stay in a hotel, motel, resorts, and vacation rentals. As per the prices they have a viable rates and good discounts for their costumer to nay destination that you wish. I m sure if my boyfriends ask me for a vacation I will choose this site and I will absolutely enjoy their good offers specially the bed and breakfast.