Friday, November 30, 2007

TGIF again

Yay, PPP seems don't have a plan to pour opps to the blogger who is waiting to grab it. I am a bit sleepy now and i am not sure if i can still wait for one hour. I still have to attend meeting tomorrow morning so i need to be fresh and in a good mood. I hope I can grab opps before i decide to go to bed. Enjoy your weekend friends.

just arrive

Just arrive from the city I had bought some grocery. I also bought 2 dikies blouse because it is on sale. I like the color and the fitting. I really need to buy some more clothes since i gain almost 10 kilos for almost 2 years. Nah... before i weigh 46 kilos and now it is 58.5. yay, i am really getting fat. Too many shoppers at the mall. I guess they having an early Christmas shopping.

bad credit officer for those who has bad credit

There are times in our life that our salary isn’t enough no matter how we try our best to do the budgeting. And we come to the point that financial difficulties are kept on coming. We tend to look for a credit company that offers great promise to their clientele. In a place like USA that having a credit card is a necessities they some time not able to pay their debts and unpaid dues. These bring them to have a bad credit history. Fret no more because I saw this site that offers loan to those people that have bad credit. Go and check their bad credit loans available for you.This will help you help start a new life for having a bad credit history.

silly me

Yes how silly am I to forgot that it is holiday here in honor to our hero Andres Bonifacio. I wake up too early and wake up my nephew too. If i only remember that we both should have enjoying sleeping. I am also planning to visit the BIR office to get a TIN number so i can open an Eon account. but since it holiday i will just do it on Monday. Finally I am done with my my PPP task today i will catch some sleep and take some grocery later today.

dating and relationship

Having a romance relationship is not always happiness and thrill. Being a couple, we can not deny that we are always always in good terms. Fighting and arguing is part of a relationship. And simple fight sometimes leads to a break up. Breaking up to someone that we love is not easy to handle you needs to make an effort not to think of that person. Most of all you also to deal with your wounded broken heart.

Although we try our very best not to think of the person who breaks our heart we simply can’t achieve it. Because letting go is the hardest part of a break up. Just thinking the happy memories that you both shared together is not easy to put out in our mind. So a possible make up is open to us. Hence the couple thinks that they are still in love with each other they will then think of trying it again. A second chance at love is a good way to show how sorry we are. In this period we need to slow down and make things out of t.

got tagged of 7 random things

I am tagged by my blogger friend Lisa this tag is actually assigned to my pther blog but i also love to do it here I will pass this tagged to Ester, Jackie, Liza, Noel, Norm, Theresa and Roselle

Return link to the people that tagged you and post the rules on your blog. Share seven random and/or weird facts about yourself. Tag seven random people at the end of your post, and include links to their blogs. Let each person know they have been tagged by leaving a notification on their blog.

7 Random Weirdness

  • I have a lucky charm on my left toe feet. You can guess what it is in my toe. **winks**
  • I can finish 5-10 tagalog novel in one day.
  • I also love to fit clothes although I don’t have any plan to buy. Sometimes the saleslady assigned to that section gave me a bad eye.
  • Sometime I talk too fast that often I can’t speak the right word.
  • I love to make face while chatting to my love on cam.
  • I am always excited of Christmas to come like I am a kid.
  • I don’t like to wear dress I am more comfy to wear pants and blouses.

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