Wednesday, December 5, 2007

blog of the week

yay, I was really surprised when i check my cbox the other day. Kharlota of My Daily Sunset II chose my blog as blog of the week. Though I not know her criteria for choosing my blog and I am really thankful to her. You know, receiving an award like this boost me to do good in blogging. Aganin thanks for this sister Kharlota I really appreciate it. BTW below is the logo.

Got another award for PrettyLifeOnline apologized sister for the late posting. Hay, damu kasi nakapila na tag. Sometimes i forgot doing tags dahil sa dami.hehehhe.. I'd love to award this Most Kitten Friendly Blog of the year to my beautiful friend Rebecca. She deserve this award more than me because she really love cat. Hope you will like this award.**winks**

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yay, smorty really make my day. i able to grab 5 opps this morning. naahh.. before that i am almost pissed cos they not giving me opps for 3 days. I am really loving this stuff. I really hope I can still grab opps later today. For now i need to sleep because my brain is drained. I need to regain it.

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e-santa claus

Got this tag from Eds It is December once again, the perfect time to extend our greetings to everyone in the blogosphere and unite for a common purpose: to enjoy life within the cyberspace So let’s give ourselves a break to go round and meet other bloggers, be the e-Santa Claus. COPY STARTS HERE *** How to Join?

  • [1] Fill up and submit the details of this form
  • [2]Copy and post the rules to your blog. Include the “backward list” (a record of how the tag reached you) and add your name.
  • [3] Recruit for participants. Be sure to get their consent.Should they agree to join, add them to your “forward list” (bloggers you’ve convinced to join).
Remind them to do item #1.
  • ** Participants will be accepted until December 16 (Phil. time) only. On December 17, the organizer will email to you the details of your Ronito/Ronita. Send him/her a Christmas greeting via E-cards preferably on December 25. Should time be a constraint, you can send it earlier.
  • My Backward Link List:
  • iRonnie , jeff, bluepanjeet, thess ,GBex , Liza, Liza 2, Rems, Eds, Rosemarie
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  • I want to extend the spirit of Christmas to the following friends: PrettyLifeOnline, Carlota, Darlene, Dauphine, Emmyrose, Ester, Diane, Lisa, Noel, Norm, Nova, Femikey, Rebecca, Readershaven, Theresa, Marie-Vanidosa

    grown-up christmas wish

    Christmas Myspace Graphics

    A tag that is that is for holiday season. A blogger friend Emmyrose tag me with this nice tag. Thanks for this sis. I am now passing this grown up tag to PrettyLifeOnline, MarieJ, Lolli, Rebecca, Femikey, Merideth, Poray, Shabem, and TeRems

    • Good health for my whole family and friends especially to my love that is not with me this time.
    • Be with my love early next year.
    • Have a family of my own hopefully next year too. **winks**
    • Have a continues good relationship that I have now
    • Forgiveness to those people you hurt me.
    • More blessing to those you having a problem on their daily needs.
    • Be able to forget bad moments and experience for this year.
    • Finally, peace to all the people.

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