Friday, December 7, 2007

blog thingy

You Are 78% Grown Up, 22% Kid
Congratulations, you are definitely quite emotionally mature. Although you have your moments of moodiness, you're usually stable and level headed.
Nothing to do that is why i decided to take another survey this time is it about how mature I am. and look at the result. I am 78% grown up. huh... I do believe this survey result because I can be a kid in some way. But for sure i will cope it on the right time. And i think I am not the only one how had a kid side.

godmother again

Thanks God Its Friday. Tomorrow i will be a godmother again with my cousin's son. I already bought a gift for him . Thanks I bought it in 50% less. Isn't a good deal? The brand is okay since it it a good clothes brand here in the Philippines. I hope I can take picture of it before i give it to the baby tomorrow. Huh, I am really getting old if i count it right this baby will be my 8th godchild. is fast approaching so I need to prepare for the kids gift.

hotel accomodation at

Who wouldn’t love to have a vacation in Europe especially in this holiday season? I am sure many of us would really dream to have a vacation after having a chaotic work schedule. Planning and looking for a cheap accommodation is tricky. If I have a chance to have a vacation I would choice to visit France and visit some other place especially Paris as it is known as the lover’s capital of the world and their famous Eiffel tower. It is good to book in nice France hotels before your flight so you would not have any problem looking on where to stay. And the best site to visit for they offer the cheapest hotels in Europe. They also have some available Paris hotels which you will surely love to stay.

You can also drop a vacation in Berlin, the capital of Germany. A view of some stunning old buildings and their structure will surely amazed you. You can stay at Berlin hotels for cheap and affordable price. And how about going to Germany and stay in some Germany hotels and take a look of their beer festivals and romantic road. Go and visit

alarm with the earthquake

Yay, was really alarmed when i wake up this because I feel like I am shaking. Even thought that is because i get it quickly. I only knew that is was an earthquake when my younger told me. It really frighten me, good thing it did not make any damage. Thanks God for guiding us always. Anyway I will check it in the news later today and update this entry. I am thinking that the center of this earthquakes is some where in Southern Leyte.

boston red sox spring training schedule

My cousin is Boston e-mailed me last week and she has been talking about the concert they watched with her boyfriend. Based on her e-mail I can say that they both enjoyed the concert and saw every move of the singer. This made me think that their ticket assigned them to good seats. Huh, that made me feel excited too because I know the feeling of seeing a celebrities and more if you can nearly touch her/him. Anyway I hurriedly responded to her email and ask her if the had a good seat. And I am right all the while they had a good seat her boyfriend gets it from She also told me that her boyfriend is checking about this Boston Red Sox Spring Training Schedule and of course buy good tickets like he did in the last concert the saw. For sure this lover will have a great fun when they finally attend this Red Sox Training. Huh, I am getting excited with this cousin of mine she is really enjoying and having fun.

blog thingy

You are 47% Pisces
I tried another blog thing about my zodiac sign. and look at the result.hehehehe hay di ko alam kung bakit mababa. siguro di lang talaga ako naniwala sa ibang ugali that is under the zodiac sign of pieces. anyway i will park my finger tips now i have more than enough for today. good night and and good morning.

air ambulance at

Today, we encounter a heavy traffic almost everyday. And worse ghastly drivers are making it heavier. It pops in my mind what if their accident occurs during this heavy traffic. It is possible that the ambulance carrying the wounded people can not simply pass through this traffic. I am thinking of what other possible way to bring the injured people to the nearest hospital. While surfing the net I saw this site about air ambulance. provides what an ambulance can offer. While you are on board you are guaranteed safe because of their latest medical facilities and medical team trained in flight physiology they are composed of registered nurses, respiratory therapist and registered flight paramedics. Patient’s life is always safe with them since air ambulance crew is trained in flight physiology and with 20 years of experience, you can be rest assured that your love ones arrive safely and well. Moreover they are on call 24 hours a day hence you can rely on them for speedy service.

Air ambulance charter has been in the business for over 21 years and no record of incident with their patients and client. They promise to transport Americans who are abroad to safely back in their homes, as well as the international clients.

annoying connection

Isn't annoying when your connection is really slow and you sometimes lost your internet connection when you are chatting. I really hate that whenever my connection is behaving like that. huh, that happen to me while i am chatting to my love and often if connection is bad our cam is too slow that sometimes it stopped. I only hope my dsl connection will be good to me.

credit card comparison at

It’s almost Christmas and most of the shoppers are using their credit card. It sometimes happens that you forget to minimize on what to shop since you are using credit cards. And without knowing it we are beyond our limitations and it can be a possible problem in the future especially when we can not pay it on time because of lots of payment to do because of the holiday shopping. For the reason we can not pay the credit card bill on time. Most of the credit card put higher charges on the unpaid bill. That is why we need to be careful on choosing our credit card company. Choosing for a company that gives low charges is not easy. Now you can have a credit card comparison before you apply for a credit card. At they have plenty of available credit cards that will fit your lifestyle. In applying for a credit card you also should check the balance transfers. This will help you save some amount and great way to pay off you credit cards without wasting your money interest.