Monday, December 10, 2007

what is christmas

Liza tagged me with this christmas stuff. thanks for remembering me do this tag. i wont be tagging anyone since i already tag some friends in my other blog.

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Christmas for is the time of the year when you don't think of your self but of the people you love. It's time for people to share even they have nothing for them selves. It's a time gift giving and usually end up emptying your pocket. But people don't think of it as much as how the satisfaction and happiness they share to everyone. Christmas is not all about gift "as mostly kids thought", its more about the love and the togetherness of family and friends. Growing up we my mother have a hard time meet our daily basic need, but she always find a way to give us a great feast every Christmas even without gift. For me that a great example of the meaning of Christmas. No gifts can ever top the satisfaction and happiness you feel in your hearts to see your family and friends happy.Of cousre it's also time for us to celebrate the birth of ur savoir and the time ofr us to thank him for everything he shared to us.. ;) ~ Liza "My so called life"

yay, christmas is my favorite season of the year. It is for me the time to remember and should be thankful that our God give us his only begotten son for his love to us. It is also the time to let go and forgive those people who hurts and been bad to us. Sharing blessing to less fortunate family and relatives. A time for family, relatives and friends. Celebrate Life

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maging sino ka man

yay, i am getting excited for the premiere of my favorite telenovela. Nah.. i am sure that my eyes will be in tears again.i will for sure have a very dramatic night since i will have to watch 2 telenovelas just hope they don't have the same airing time.Maging sino ka man 2 will be one of the show of John Lloyd and Bea that will make it to top.

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tag award

Yay, my blog is hugger for an award hehhe.. its been a while since I last recieved my last award. Thanks to Lisa for remembering me. and ohh another Santa award hmhmmh... this remind me that Christmas is in the air and next Sunday the morning mass will start. I hope I can do it this time since I did not able to attend last year cos of my son. I am passing this tag to my new good friend Ate Joy and Weng. get santa code here

surprise with the result

My good blogger sister Nova tagged me with this amazing award. I am not really expecting that my blog readability will be a genius. This will help boost my blog thingy for sure. In more than 3 months i still consider my self as a newbie in this field. And i thank you for those bloggers that help me achieve what I reach as a blogger. Now to keep this rolling i want to pass this tag to Femikey, Rebecca, Liza, MarieJ and Emmyrose.

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lazy monday mornig

Yay, what a lazy Monday morning i got here. hope all of you is having a great monday morning. Been waiting for some opps from PPP and smorty bus both seems to neglect me.huhuhuhuh... i hope they will be nice to me later today. just need to do relax cos my ass is complaining now. anyway i reserve 2 task at blogitive i will it later today before i take my afternoon nap.