Monday, December 17, 2007

weight loss in food combining

Two years back I was slim and since then I gained almost 10 kilos. I am now planning to loss weight but my problem is I not want to try any diet pill simply because I am afraid of the side effects. Until I found this weight loss program that promise to loss weight without taking some slimming pill or tea. You only need to know how to combine food known as invigorating magnetism. To those who wants to loss weight but afraid of the side effect of any pill and afraid to undergo some operation magnetic diet is the right one for you. Visit to see it for your self.

happy monday

hay, i am bit tired and sleepy just finished chatting to my gwapo mahal, good thing i saw him on cam and he saw me on cam. my connection was bad cos of this brownout stuff that is why i hate when we have some brownout here kasi magloloko naman ang connection ko. It seems that last week was pretty bad for me cos my pc is not yet fix and i am thinking now to buy a new video card, then we did not have our usual chat (3 times a day) hehehe, then this connection craziness. its monday and i hope i will have a good week ahead an it seems to start now i able to grab 2 opps from ppp one more to go to reach my minimum. and i think i deserve this because i haven't able to grab some opps last week. for web hosting

Since college I have been dreaming to have a personal website but for many reasons I can not have one during that time. And one of the reasons is that I don’t know where to start. Until I found it last year through a Filipina friend online, I just love her personal website and for me that was a chance to start building my dream website. She told me that she is paying some amount for her web host. Too bad I can’t afford that time that is why I ended up searching for a free web hosting. At first pop windows advertisement was fine with me until the time that I beginning to hate it so I decided not to continue and update that website.

Now that I earn some amount I am trying to search some web hosting that offers good deal and affordable. And I reach this site and I think this site is the right one for me since I am a first timer on web hosting. They have a basic learning on the basic web hosting, quick start guide and FAQ page. I am sure I will go through some serious browsing on this page for my future use because they have a wide range of provider and I will also recommend this to anyone who is looking for a web hosting.

good morning peeps

good morning peeps.. hope all of you had a wonderful weekend. just arrived from the simbang gabi (morning mass) an hour ago. supposed to be mass is finish at 5:30 but not this morning it takes us until 6 am. blame that to the electricity and the church generation is a mess. the gospel readers need to stop reading cos they can't simply see any letter. anyway the priest you did the mass was Fr. Roy he is actually my favorite. i like the way he deliver his sermon (homely) although u are sleepy with him you will be awake. he always touch my heart to his sermon. just hope he will officiate the mass tomorrow.

a good drug addiction instituion

Lots of teenagers today are into drugs too frustrating but it is a fact. When my younger brother enrolled in one of the private high school in our town he decided to transfer to another school and his reason is he saw some of the higher years are taking drugs. A drug is one of the reasons why some teenager can not finish their high school studies although their parents have enough money to pay for their school. And when a person is taking drugs too much then the person must need a serious treatment.

Choosing a drug rehab institution can be very tricky; you need to consider many things for your love one to be in good hand. Worry no more because your love one is in good hand at Stone Hawk has a good and comfortable addiction treatment facility. When the person is done with the treatment he will be good as new. Therefore if you know someone that need to be treated because of drug addiction choose the best one and is a good choice.