Friday, December 28, 2007

reverse auction game at

I know some people out there love to shop online although the prizes are a bit high they seem not to care about the price. Maybe because shopping online is hassle free. I saw this site that I shopper online will definitely like it. At they have a reverse way of selling, why reverse? In some auction the highest bidder will win the product but with them it’s the lowest unique bid will win the product. Prizes at stake are apple i-phone, HDTV’s, designer’s bags, SCION XB, Samsung Q1, gift cards, cash prize and vacation packages. You can also win free gifts and sweepstakes, isn’t a good offer to grab.

You don’t need to fret how to join the game auction as it is a friendly user site but you need to sign up to join the bedding. is responsible for the shipping payment but the bidder who won the bid will pay the tax. If you don’t win the game you don’t need to be sad because you will earn some point and in time you can also exchange to a prize.

European Vacation

  • Does anyone out there planning to take a European vacation before this year end? Huh, isn’t a good idea especially if you have been working hard through out the year. If I will be ask to do an itinerary to someone who is planning to visit some place in Europe I will first recommend to visit London and take a look at the attraction around the famous London Bridge and stay at London Hotels. Next destination is Paris and stay in one of the affordable Paris Hotels. I never thought that Paris is really a great place until I saw KC Conception’s special “FROM PARIS TO PINAS”. The place is really good to those who are newlywed as the place is great especially at night.
  • I would also recommend visiting Berlin the capital of Germany and stay at Berlin Hotels. And enjoy the shopping opportunities they offer. But before going back to your own country why not drop at one of the Barcelona hotels and enjoy the rest of the days. You can visit for more information about cheap hotels in London, Paris, Berlin and Barcelona

annoying insect in our bed

Have you been disturb of something while you are sounds asleep? Some of us might come across like this situation. It did happen to me, while I am in a middle of a nice sleep something bitten my back and thought it was a bed bugs I sigh after I check that is was only an insect. If you experience sometimes that something bite your back while sleeping immediately check your bed before its too late. Bed bugs are not dangerous but there are annoying specially when we are in a middle of a nice sleep, so check your bed before its to late.


Yesterday afternoon i received a call from asking me of i can pick up the stuff which my love purchased from them. I said yes and she told me she wills end the tracking number and i received it this morning. she told me that i can pick up the product today. First dropped at the LBC branch was at 2 pm and since the stuff wasn't there i decided to go home since i will chat my love at 3 pm. did ask the guy who is responsible for pick up package and told me that my package will be ready at 5 pm. so i go back at 5 pm and since i don't want to g back tomorrow i decided to wait until the next cargo arrive as 2 other people decided to wait. but to my dismay my stuff wasn't there so i immediately call the girl who called me yesterday as i am really pissed that time. and i was more pissed when this bitch did not answer her phone instead she off her phone and did not dare to answer my sms. and because i am really pissed i send her sms again saying to contact me again if she is sure that the product is in tacloban and ready for pick up as i will not going to go back tomorrow to wait for nothing.