Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year

Happy New Year

WestGate Reservation

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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Auto insurance quotes

Buying car insurance nowadays is not complicated if you were to compare few years back. In fact you can find the right auto insurance quotes online, where you can get information from different insurance companies having the possibility to compare different rates available in the market today. I came across this website called, this website is a good insurance resource for consumers who are hunting auto insurance, home insurance, health insurance, life insurance, business insurance, long term care insurance disability insurance and many more.


I am grateful when i login to my payu profile because i have seven link assignment waiting to be reviewed. I can say that this year is a nice year for me. I manage to save for the wall finishing of your house and i got a new earring and ring just recently and it is from my blogging money. I am currently saving for my mother because she needs some money this coming May. Hopefully i will be able to save enough money before I run out of time. I also would like to extend my warmest thanks to PPP, blogitive, loudlaunch, reviewme, sponsored review, blogsvertise, blog to profit for all the link assignment. I will be looking forward for more assignments.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Season Greetings

Happy Holidays! myspace comments

9 Morning

Today is the last day of the nine morning masses [simbang gabi] I am glad that I completed the nine day masses. I haven't been attending simbang gabi since i gave birth to my son because no one to look after my son while i am at the church. It really feels good attending the simbang gabi after the long absence.

Monday, December 22, 2008


Off to party, see you later today. thanks for the visit

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I did not noticed that this blog reached more than 1000 post. I have been blogging for more than a year now and this is my very first blog. I am thinking to buy this blog a domain but for sentimental reason i opt not too. Hopefully i can reach the 2000 post, keeping my finger cross

Monday, December 15, 2008

Las Vegas Nevada

Who would not love to visit Las Vegas, this place is known for luxurious casinos, entertainment and shopping. I would definitely want to visit Vegas someday and try to play casino and watch live show. I guess I need to start betting on lottery for me to have a chance to win the million prices. Anyway if you are planning to take a vacation with your family to las vegas nevada but haven’t decided where to stay? Well, worry no more because at, they offer the finest Las Vegas hotels at excellent rates. Currently they have many hotels at 77% Off last year's rates. So you better check them out before your flight to escape from having problem wit your accommodation when you finally arrived to Sin City.


..hello, how was your weekend? Hope you all had a wonderful weekend with your family and love ones. I had a nice weekend, though i did not go out but i able to catch up some sleep which my body needed. As you all know I have been having a short sleep since i begin blogging seriously. So every weekend is my day off from blogging. At least i don't stay long in front of my computer.

Friday, December 12, 2008

One true love


Because of laziness I was not able to post when I watch One True Love, stars Dingdong Dantes, Marian Rivera and Iza Calzado. In my opinion the movie is not that KILIG compare to “My Bestfriend Girlfriend” I also able to watch this movie and I was laughing and giggling.

Anyway here is the plot of the movie:

He is Migs in the story, a 28-year old neurologist who gets into an accident and develops lacunar amnesia, a type of memory loss that blocks off time periods. In effect, Migs regresses to three years in the past, and forgets about everything in his present, Joy (Marian Rivera) included. To him, Bela (Iza Calzado ) is his love, and as an ex who returned to the country to win Migs back, Bela takes advantage of his condition.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

File extensions

As I mentioned in my previous post I am having computer problems for almost two months now, since I don’t have extra budget yet I opt not to bring my pc to repair shop. We all know that that our computer encounters many problems and one of this is File Extensions error. These occur when you are installing a new program and by mistake you choose this program to be the main program and your other files. Now if this program happen to be deleted you will have problem recovering your files. Most especially if you don’t know much about file recovery.

However, if this happen to you, fret no more because is here to help you. They provide free File Extension advice and a great source for finding errors in a certain File Format on your computer. Of you are keen to know more about this website feel free to visit the links above for more information.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

No pain, no gain

My upper body is aching, and i give the credit for my walking venture. This morning i go back walking after being missing it for four days. I only hope this this will get better as I continue to walk everyday. And hopefully loose some after a month.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

I super want this

Woman’s love jewelries, I myself love to have different types of jewelries but unfortunately I don’t have lot of money to spend for this kind luxury. And since its Christmas I want to pamper myself with a very nice earring. If my budget permits me to buy something that will get along with the earring I would love to have a ring. And because I have a tight budget I make an effort to search online on where I can find cheap yet genuine jewelry. Good thing I find this website called Holsted Jewelers at, they have wide selection of beautiful, affordable designer costume jewelry. Now I can buy the earring and ring I am wanting for my self this holiday season.

Dream match

In few hours from now we will know who hall prevail on the dream match of the year. The Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao and Oscar Dela Hoya boxing match. This fight is Pacman's first fight for this division and I am pretty sure he need his power to win this match. So, let just pray that our boxing punch will win in this match.

Saturday, December 6, 2008


it's time for me to go to bed fellow bloggers. I thanks God for the blessings i received today. I still have 2 days more for this week and I can say that I am productive this week. Wish granted.

I've been asking for some opps last week and got it. How about you? Did you get some opps?

And again good night... peepzz.. see you all again tomorrow.

Strange colds

I've been suffering from sudden colds which makes me sneeze big time. I haven't consulted any doctor yet but i guess a clear colds that's stay for an hour can be a sign of allergy. Sometimes my eye become red and heavy with a little tears. Hopefully this will be over soon because my throat is hurting for sneezing and my nose as well. Can anyone tell me what remedy to minimize my allergy? Comments will be appreciated. Can anyone tell me the reason why?

Friday, December 5, 2008

Ouch my foot is aching

If you are following my blog you will know that I am walking every morning, hoping to loss some weight. Since I am not used of long walk I feel pain underside my heel up to the front of foot. Although I felt bad in some of my muscle it didn’t stop me from walking every morning for an hour. I often have difficulty on sleeping because of these, and so I search online what will I do to minimize the pain. On my search I came across this site called that offer heel cushions, foot or arch support, stretching aids and other things relating to the foot. So if you think you have a Plantar Fasciitis, you should visit the site.

I am productive

Truly there are lot of bloggers all over the globe nowadays. Paid post is not the same as it was, how I missed those days when opps keep on coming and i always grab the minimum post in one of my blog. I am thankful that i am productive this week, I still have few task to make. I sometimes running out of words to say but i am enjoying. This is what I want so I dont have the guts to complain. How about you? how is you paid blogging so far?

PC hang ups

My pc is acting up again for few days now. And boy it always happen when I am dropping ec, i don't know what's wrong with my pc but i noticed that every time i open four to five website it suddenly shut down. I so want to return drops to those who drop my blogs but unfurtunately i don't have enough time to stay in front ofmy pc, and when I have time my pc wont allow me to do so.

Thursday, December 4, 2008


OMG.. I missed some opps from TP this morning. I was chatting to my dear uyab when TP starts to shower some opps the bloggers. Good enough I was able to grab one. It’s Thursday today, sometimes opps is raining in TP. Hopefully there are some opps coming.

As usual I have some white opps in my dashboard that I can not grab because I did not meet the opportunity requirement. Isn’t frustrating?

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Nite nite

Myspace Comments
Goodnight peepz and bloggie, it's time for me to travel to the land of dream. Enjoy the rest of the day. nite nite.....


Are you looking for magnets?

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Available product categories:

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  • pneumatics and hydraulics
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Kindly visit the site if you are interested to know more about what the site can offer.

Getting sleepy

It's 10:45 in the evening, Philippine time. Everybody are sounds asleep except me but anytime soon I will be like them. I am getting sleepy here, my eyes are getting heavier every time I winks my eyes. Hopefully I am done with my task tonight before I get too sleepy. I am really bless today as I had some task waiting for me.

Migraine attack

Today, I and my college agreed to bond in the beach. We arrived at the beach at exactly 9:35 in the morning. My two friends Irish and Rjay immediately prepare the milk fish and pork in grills. Bonding my friends once in a while is really really good as we are busy with each other life. That is why we seldom meet each other. While we were having fun chatting I suddenly felt bad. My migraine hit me again, for an hour I tolerate the pain but its getting bad to the point that i feel like vomiting. So I decided to go home and without more ado i vomit. Good thing I was at home when it happens.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Wake me up

As I am saying in my previous post I had a long nap today. I would be still sleeping this time if my little man didn't wake me up. He is really a darling, he would not eat if I am not eating. I thank God for giving me such a darling, though he is growing without a father in his side. As you all know I am single parent. And it is a tough job.

Happy weekend

Hello people! How is your weekend going on so far? Hope you are having a good weekend with your family. As for me, I had a long nap today and it feels great.

I am thankful that I had 3 task waiting for me when checked my e-mail but unfortunately I missed the task from smorty. Yes, after few months of not having any opps from smorty I had one today but missed it. Hay.. life...

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Have an easy moving

With the current economy problem nowadays more and more people are moving from one place to another in search of a better and cheaper house to live in. I can help you to have a worry free and hassle free moving. I came across this site that will help you pack your belongings and move it for you. provides a professional service at very competitive prices. If you are looking for a great self storage option look any further, go U-pack.

Kaput handset

For few days now I am having trouble accepting in coming call. At first i thought it was the line that is messing but I was wrong cos it is the handset that is messing. Finally, I've change it today. I always forget to bring the kaput handset whenever i go to downtown. I hope all will be well now.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Capella Online univertsity

Are you in search of an online university degree? Capella University is worth visiting, founded in 1993 and currently offers 109 graduate and undergraduate specializations and 15 certificate programs. They are now serving more than 23,400 students from all 50 states and 45 other countries. July 28, 2008—Capella University an accredited and fully online university that is leading provider of master’s and PhD degrees for working adults, has released its latest Inside Online Education podcast. It features a discussion with Beverly Enns, Capella’s faculty chair for reading/literacy, about Capella’s status as the only online university offering a master’s degree program with a state-approved specialization in reading and literacy. Capella offers:

  • Business
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Cute blogger award

Tin-tin of Surprisingly Beautiful pass on this Cute Blogger award to me. A big thanks to you sis for sharing this award to me.

Here are the rules:
- Each blogger must post these rules. - Each blogger starts with ten random facts/habits about themselves.
- Bloggers that are tagged need to write ten facts about themselves.
- You need to choose ten people to tag and list their names.
- Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they've been tagged and also to read your blog.
Here's my share of random facts:
  • I am attached to my boyfriend for two years and 9 months and 18 days. Lol… now you have an idea when is our 3rd year anniversary. LDR or Long Distance Relationship is not easy, Lainy can attest to that.
  • I am eye-ing an earring and ring for this Christmas. Yesterday I found a set of earring and ring it’s really nice and it fits my finger. But unluckily my budget doesn’t fit for the price. Hopefully my bf can read this
  • I have asthma. I had my first and worse attack few months ago. Huh, girl it seems that we have something in common. grin…my mother told me it is because of the dust. Some guys are putting finishing touches in our wall that time.
  • I have allergy. I sometimes have this colds that stay in an hour that makes me sneeze too much.
  • I gained more than 10 kilos in three years, and i am still gaining that is why i am now serious on loosing unwanted kilos in my body by walking everyday.
  • A spoiler. I sometimes buy clothes for my nieces and nephew when I have extra money. I just love buying and checking those cutie clothes for my nieces.
  • Soft hearted. You will see me crying while watching drama movie or show. I pity old people in the street.
  • When I am mad i keep my mouth shut.
  • I have a collection of local romance pocket book
  • Blog addict
I am now passing this tag to Lainy, Ivy, Jhelea, Addisan, Imelda, Fe, Nova, Lynn, Umma and Rechie

Feel's good

Yeah... when you are able to sleep for many hours after having luck of sleep for a week. I know the feeling eh. I've been sleeping for 4-5 hours a night and i am darn sleepy always. Today, I take a long nap, from 10:30 in the morning and wake up at 1pm for lunch and go back to sleep after half an hour then wake up at 5:30 pm. Well, my son wake me up cos if not my butt is sounds asleep still. Nyway's just a quick update here. I sign off for a while.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Unwind at Las Vegas

Do you need a breathing space from all the hassle in your work? Or are you planning to take a holiday vacation with your love ones? Haven’t decided where to go yet? Then why not go to Las Vegas and experience the feeling of having to be in the entertainment capital of the world. Playing your favorite sports, swimming in a splendid resort, shopping and watch your favorite shows are some reason why visit the Sin City. offers the largest selection of tickets to all Las Vegas Shows that you may interested in. You will get most competitive prices available since they negotiate directly with the individual shows. Keen to know more about the shows and ticket prices that this site has to offer? Then click the previous link for more info.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Where is my blogging mojo?

Have you ever experience sitting in front of your pc for long time but it seems that you do not know what to write? Well, that is what I am experiencing right now. I have been in front of my pc for half an hour now. But sad to say my blogging mojo is not functioning. Calling blogging mojo please come back… I need to finish the assign task for me. I don’t want them to expire. Christmas is just around the corner and I need extra bucks for my x-mas shopping

Sweet and adorable person

Am I?

What This Outfit Says About You
You are a very adorable person. You have a sweet personality... and a sweet style. You are quite easygoing and flexible. You could never be accused of being high maintenance. You tend to wear whatever is comfortable but still chic. You definitely don't buy into the idea that fashion is pain. Your high end fashion designer match: Versace Your must have accessory: A simple chain bracelet
Here I am again taking another blog thingy quiz and this time I want to know what the out fit i choice says about me. And the result amaze me. How about you? Do you want to know what your outfit says about you? then take the quiz now.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

I did not meet..

the opportunity requirement. For a week now there are lot of opps in my dashboard but I can not reserve the opps for the reason that i did not meet the opportunity requirement. This morning I had 7 opps available but i can't reserve any of the opps.

I did send a message to customer love regarding this problem and I hope to get a responce soon. It's been a while since my last opps in triple P and i am starving for thier opps. haaha..

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Affordable printers

Two years ago I am one of the avid computer user in an internet café. Since my mahal was working with his business that time. Our time is limited, well not until late at night my time. But then he would not allow me going to the internet café at nights. That is why he decided to purchased a computer for me to use at home so we can chat any time we want. So the computer is purely for chatting and surfing. So we did not think of buying a printer.

It was after a year that I realize that I need to have a printer. But having a printer will remain as a wish until I finally able to save it. Well, having a printer as a gift this Christmas is not bad, I will appreciate it. Speaking of printer, there are huge varieties of printers at in a very affordable price. So if you are in need of a printer like me is the right place to visit.

Passionate me

Another blog thing quiz. I took this quiz to know if i am compassionate or passionate lover. As per the quiz result I am a passionate lover.

You Are 68% Passionate, 32% Compassionate
You are very passionate, especially when it comes to love. In fact, it's sometimes difficult for you to tell between love and lust. You jump in head first, and figure things out later... usually when it's all over!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Worry free shopping

Christmas is fast approaching and this is the time of the year were everybody is going gaga to shop for Christmas present.

Are you in search of good quality gifts that you will give to your love ones this Christmas? Or are you having difficulty in looking for a suitable gift for you wife or husband? Or you simply hate going to the mall and be in a long queue just to pay the items your shop? Then why not shop online? Nowadays more and more people opt to shop online. I found this site where you can find anything and everything you need on sale. gives online shopper every store on the internet. It’s sort of like Google, in that it searches the entire net for whatever it is that’s needed.

If I have extra money I would love to have the Nentendo+Wii. I also found some great deal of clothing for my family. So if you haven’t decided yet on what present to buy for your love ones this holiday season why not visit the site.

Lemonade award

I almost forget to post this Lemonade award from Lainy whom I consider a super blogger, Why not? when she is maintaining multiple blogs and working full time but it didn't stop her for making to the top blogger in entre card. Isn't amazing? Thank you so much for this award sis I want you to know that you are one of the blogger i admire in the blogosphere. The Rules of this award:

  1. Put the logo on your blog or post.
  2. Nominate at least 10 blogs which show great Attitude and/or Gratitude
  3. Be sure to link to your nominees within your post.
  4. Let them know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog.Share the love and link to this post and to the person from whom you received your award.
And now it is my turn to pass this award to the following: 1. Rechie 2. Hazel 3. Umma 4. Jhelea 5. Twerlerm 6. Mize 7. Mharms 8. Ms Ray 9. Gagay 10. Jhona

Monday, November 17, 2008

Wondah Woman award

Wow I am becoming Rechie's favorite blogger to received and award. Got this another award for her. I can't believed she considered me a Wondah Woman. This award is assign to my other blog Deeply In Love but I opt to post it here, hope okay lang sis. Anyway I appreciate this award sis. I am not passing this award to: Imelda, Ester, Joy, Tchel, and Lainy

Friday, November 14, 2008

Best Mom Award

As a single mom, I always try to be a good mother and a good father to my son. Being a mother alone is not an easy task what more if a mother needs to play the role of being a father. I still need to know more about motherhood and I thank my mother for always at my side. In fact she also deserve this award. winks.. Thanks Twinks for sharing this award to me. I really appreciate it. Some are kissing mothers and some are scolding mothers, but it is love just the same; and most mothers kiss and scold together. Pearl S. Buck

I am honored to pass this award to all the Best Moms out there.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

I am an angel

You Are an Angel
A truly giving soul, you understand the spirit of Christmas.

How about you? Do you know what Christmas ornamental are you? The quiz i took says I am an angel. **winks**

Fat burners

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So what are you waiting, visit site.

Pinoy fear factor

Yahooo.. I finally watched the Pinoy Fear Factor last night. Though I am a bit sleepy, Phem is now free from the first elimination round for winning the first elimination round “Caminados Sobre Barriles Giratorios” which the participantes needs to pass through a rolling barrels while grabbing every flags fasten in it. RJ lost this challenge and as a consequence he needs to walk in going back to their camp.

Affordadble Disney vacations at

Holiday season is just around the corner. If you happen to take a holiday vacation with your family why not take a Disney vacations? I am sure your kids will love it. I did not enjoy my childhood as I matured in an early age. Being the eldest girl siblings of four I need to take part of a mother because our mother needs to work far from us for her to earn much for our living since they separated with my father then.

However, taking a vacation is not easy especially during holiday season. Preparing your holiday Disney vacation would be great to getaway of having a problems while on vacation. A website that especially designs to help Orlando travelers or Disney vacationer to save some buck is a great site to visit before taking your vacation. Hurry visit the previous link to know more about

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Darlene's x-mas contest

Mommy's Gibble Gabbles

Christmas is just around the corner, I heard Christmas songs aired over the radio station. Decorations are visible in the malls, offices, in the street and in some home. In fact you Christmas is at the blogosphere too. You will see Christmas layout, Christmas countdown from one blog to another. There are some blogger that are hosting cool Christmas contest with cool prices.

And speaking of Christmas contest one hot mommy blogger is hosting a Christmas contest. I am not a type of blogger who loves to joined contest like this but hey.. it’s holiday season and I want to received something.. lol Anyway if you want to join Darlene’s blog contest, all you have to is blog about the contest and put the logo contest in your post and viola you can have a chance to win the cool prices.


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after changing my Christmas layout in this blog i am satisfied with this look. I am not pro with it comes to making layout but i am trying to learn..winks... trying hard jud. Anyway i wish i can change the layout of my other blog too. anyway guys, how is your day so far? as for me i am doing fine though i am having an allergy attack attack. strange colds is on again and it will stay for one to two hours. i would like to take this opportunity to thanks Shabem for the Christmas blog header. thank you thank you sis...

Monday, November 10, 2008

Under construction

construction Pictures, Images and Photos
please bear with me, i am changing my layout...

UPdate.... I need to redo everything, whenever i tried to put the widget it also appears in the other side bar. huh.. so please bear me if you haven't see your link here...

Good morning

in deed a very early greetings it's 2:30 am in my cell phone's clock. I had long sleeping marathon yesterday and last night i go to bed early too. So here I am awake in a wee hour. But i will be going back to bed anytime soon. Anyway, please do check my other blog's layout. The spirit of Christmas is on, thanks to Ivy. She gave me a special offer a one whole Christmas layout and a free header which i can use after the holiday season. If you want to have a blog make over just click her link for more info. Last week task was slow and so i am hoping that i will have a fruitful week this week. ohh i need to save some molah for my Christmas shooping.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Perfect gift

Christmas is just around the corner and some of us are planning to shop early to escape from hassle. But sometimes we are having difficulty in finding a prefect gift for our love ones specially the husband, father and brother? Are they a type of person that loves adventure and sports? If so, then why not give them Nikon rifle scopes? You can find great deal of this rifle at I am pretty sure that they this product is durable just like other Nikon products.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

How to keep a LDR last

I have been in a long distance relationship for 2 years and 9 months now. Like normal couple do we sometimes end up having an argument is some of our chat. To make our relationship last as we want it i tried to search some tips online on how to keep a long distance relationship last. Here are few tips:

  • Keep in touch daily. If large phone bills are a concern, send e-mail, letters, cards and even faxes.
  • Plan reunions to keep both of you pleased about the relationship. If your partner needs closeness, set up plans to meet often. Having a date to look forward to can help you through the rough times.
  • Reaffirm your love and commitment to one another. Try not to assume that the relationship is thriving. Listen to your partner's concerns and communicate your own before they become bigger problems.
  • Keep your partner informed about your life. You may live separately, but sharing information about your activities and friends is still important.
  • Trust in one another. Suspicion will only break the relationship down.
  • Keep the relationship a high priority. Avoid canceling reunions or putting off a phone call.
  • Focus on the future. Make plans to live in the same city eventually.
Tips and Warnings:
  • Plan a reunion in a city other than the ones you live in. Having a weekend getaway or vacation together can help recharge the relationship and reinforce your commitment.
  • Find ways to reduce the costs of travel and phone calls so you can meet and talk more often.
  • Surprise your loved one with an unexpected visit or a bouquet of flowers to keep the passion alive.
  • Be patient - it may take time for long-term plans to work out.
  • Consider other creative means of expressing your devotion: Scrawl confessions on a mirror, fan or piece of cloth. Fire off a quick succession of postcards.
hope this will help you guys..

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Tankless heater

Planning to buy water heater? Why not try the tankless water heater? has a wide range of natural gas, propane and electric tankless water heater manufactured by Bosch AquaStar, Ariston, PowerStar and Powerstream. You can also find the lowest price of tankless water heater and lot of their heater are shifted for FREE. Here are some point to consider:

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Is there sexiness in my name?

Hello peeps..good morning or goodnight to the blogger from out side the Philippines. How's your week going on? As of me I start my day doing my online tasks and at the same time listening Christmas songs online. To relax my mind in doing my online assignment I opt to visit blogthings site again and this time i checked if there is sexiness in my name. And the result?

What's Sexy About Your Name
You are sexy because you are smart. People know that there is more to you than meets the eye. You are alluring and mysterious. While many people are intrigued by you, the feeling isn't mutual. It takes a lot for someone to turn you on. First and foremost, you're only attracted to someone who's incredibly brilliant. But you just don't go for brains alone. Physical attractiveness is something you won't compromise on. You of all people can afford to be picky. You are demanding, but you are also in demand. And when someone gets you alone, you're truly amazing. Not many people get to see you in action.
Huh, quit interesting...

Monday, November 3, 2008

Isurance company

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Christmas wish

Christmas is just around the owner and each one of us has its own wish. I do have some wish for this coming holiday season for my self and for my family. As for my self I want to buy a new earring because i lost my old earring that my aunt gave to me a while ago. I did check how much it will cost me if i buy one and i think i can save it until December. Huh, I am getting excite. I will revail my other wish on my next post.

Andy Barkate

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been a while since my last update in here. I did not go anywhere I am here alive and kicking but too lazy to do my online errands.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Ugg boots

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I am almost done dropping ec in my other blog, I still want to continue the ec dropping and this time for this blog. But my eyes are a bit tired and so I will just continue the dropping later today after I take some rest.

By the way I am multitasking right now, ec dropping, watching tv and making this post. I have to go now and finish my 3 last dropped so I can sign off. Hopefully I’ll be back after 2-3 hours.

Alli diet pill

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I made it

It's been a while since the last time i manage to reach the minimum ec dropped for this blog. But today I am happy that i able to drop the minimum drop for the day. I also hope i able to return the favor to those who visit my blog despite my absence.

I will try to maintain the 300 drops for this blog and to my other blog as well. Ec dropping plays a big rule to increase my blog ranking and it feels good. Though this blog has now a PR of 0 I am glad that i often grab opps from different advertising sites.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


good morning Pictures, Images and Photos

Hello peppsss... How's is your day/night so far? As for me I am getting back to blogging slowly after being away for my pc for 3 days. I thank you those who have been visiting my site despite my absence I will be visiting your site soon. For now I need to finish some stuff online and after this I will be back to blogging in full force.

Anyway this for now, Hopefully i will have the guts to post the happenings in the seminar workshop I attended for 3 days. It was not a plain seminar compare to the siminars I have attended before.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

System memory

My personal computer was acquired two years ago and just recently the hard drive has finally retired after having sudden lost of electricity in my place. And now my pc is having trouble again I encounter sudden shutdown whenever I am in the middle of doing something especially if I am doing my daily blog hopping. The technician told me that I need to buy a new power supply, I am afraid I also need to start saving for the system memory, will the memory of my pc is still okay but who knows the next part of my pc that will retires is my system memory. So I want to be financially ready when it happens.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Glitches in entrecard

Last night i was not able to finish my ec dropping because I can not open the page of my drop inbox. So i opt to go to bed and plan to continue dropping early morning. And here I am but when I was about open my dashboard here is what I got

Entrecard application server failed The server that does the complicated work has not responded in time, this could be due to load, due to an upgrade happening, or something else even weirder. An alert should have been triggered to the admins so they're no doubt trying to deal with it right now, we recommend trying again in 10 minutes. Served from s02
Hopefully entrecard will be okay after 10 minutes. lol

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Getting back

For two days now I am able to reach the 300 drops for this blog. If I am not having a problem with my pc I am sure i can make 900 drops for my 3 blogs. I really need to work the stat for this blog since it has now a PR0. If i would like to have some opps assign for this blog i need to work hard for it. Though this blog is PR0 now I am still happy because I can still grab few opps. I am thankful and grateful to that.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Home accents and garden decor

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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Seaching for Christmas present

Yahoo.. its weekend once again. How times flies, my son is getting excited of Christmas. He always shout "it's Christmas whenever he saw the countdown on TV". Shopping for present can be stressful. Just imagine being in a long queue to pay the items you want to buy. For this Christmas I am planning to shop online to escape stress. Now I am starting to browse around and I came across this website that has magnetic bracelet. I am sure this will be great gift for my self.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Off to bed

I am going now to the Land of Dream. It's been a tiring day for me today, too many things that I need to finish. Hopefully I can wake up early tomorrow coz I need to attend a meeting tomorrow morning. Opps is slower compare last week. Anyhow I am happy for the opps I grab from triple P few minutes ago. So ciao for now nite nite everybody

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Spider traps

Insy Winsy Spider climbed up the water spout, Down came the rain and washed the spider out. Out came the sunshine and dried up all the rain, So Eenzy Weenzy spider climbed up the spout again
I am sure the song is very familiar to everybody. I am trying to teach this song to my little boy. Speaking of spider we always have some spider in our ceiling although we always clean it every week. I have been looking of something to get away the spiders that keep on coming back in out ceiling. Good thing I find spider traps. It is safe, non-toxic, no poison and pesticide free.

September EC top dropper

Wow time really flies September is gone and we are on the 2nd day of October. Anyhow i would like to thank my EC dropper for the month of September.

i will put the links later

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Google update

Google has again updated their system. Some bloggers were given page rank but some did lost there page ranks. As for me, my new blog gain a PR1 from N/A and my other blog which has a PR2 now had a PR3 but this blog has a free domain. My oldest blog which has a PR2 has a PR0 now and nothing for My Journey blog it remains PR0. Having lost a PR of your own domain is a big slap in my blogging journey. I used to grab many opps per day but it changes when google take away my PR.

But blogging has to go on, blogging has its ups and downs too. I guess I just need to accept of loosing my PR’s. I will just wait for another update and wish that google will give back my lost PR.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Saturday rants and musing

I apologize to all my entrecard dropper for this blog that I am not able to return the drop everyday. As much as I want to return the favor but my pc won’t allow me to do so. I do hope, next week everything is back to normal. I will be replacing my power supply next week or tomorrow. By then I promise to visit who patiently drop my entrecard widget for this blog.

Anyhow, I hope everyone is having a great weekend. As for me I haven’t plan anything for this weekend. The weather is good it was windy this morning only to find out that we are in signal number. Strange cos the sun is out but too windy.

Side note: while ec dropping my pc suddenly shut down. Not once but twice in less than 30 minutes. And now entre card is too slow that I decided to logout and sign-in back again but asd to say I can not sign-in back again. So I think entrecard is having there weekly maintenance or whatever. lol

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sticky post

I have been thinking to put Christmas count down but problem is I don't know how to put a sticky post so I ask the help of Twinks. Thanks she immediately answer to my question and she made a post here, so if you want to know on how to put the sticky post you can click the link which will redirect you to her post.

This what i like being addicted to blogging cos i can ask some friend online whenever i want to know something.


Gee, its eating time once again. Got a birthday invitation. Ma'am Imelda invited us for her mother's birthday tomorrow. It's been a while since I attended a celebration like this. My mother and my son will go with me as they are invited too. I will be posting an update about the birthday celebration tomorrow.

thanks PPP

I thank triple P for giving me 2 opps this afternoon. It's been a while since i last grabbed an opps from them. Too bad I was off from my pc when opps starting to pour in my dashboard. I had 2 gray already when i log in to my ppp account.

I am still having problem with my pc and I hope can buy the new power supply. By then I will not experience the sudden shut down when I am the middle of something. I apologize to those who drop an ec to my blog as I sometimes not able to drop in my other blog.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Material handling

Yeheyy.. In spite of sudden shut down of my pc I was able to reach the minimum drop for this blog and I am on my 200 plus drop on my other blog. Sigh.. this pc problem is really pain in the ass, it preempt me for doing my online stuff. Anyway if anyone here is looking for material handling the right place to visit is You can find wide variety of material handling that will suit your budget.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tuesday rants

The sudden shut down of my computer is getting worse. An hour ago I was dropping ec and I suddenly lost power in my pc for four times. Yes, four times. Isn’t annoying when you are in the middle of something and out of the blue your pc will just shut down? I contacted the computer technician regarding this glitch and he said I need to change the power supply. **Sigh** I asked him if how much do I need to buy this stuff and thanks if is not that expensive. I am planning to buy it this week or next week. I am having financial problem right now, too many unexpected expenses for last two weeks. I still have to pay my internet and phone bills. One more thing is my online sideline is not as good as before. Anyhow, I am hoping I can reach the minimum drop in one of my 3 blogs and hopefully I will be able to catch some fish from triple P. It’s been a while since I last grab opps from them.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Christmas is in the air

Wow.. Christmas is in the air. While typing this post in my room my mother is watching TV though I can't see what's on TV, I can hear the television sounds. And so i heard the kids singing Christmas song.'Twas a great feeling. Whenever i heard Christmas song I can always feel the childish in my. Well, Christmas is my favorite season so no wonder it tickles me when i heard Christmas song. I am sure I am not alone in this, there are a lot of people who loves Christmas. huh, am I obvious that i am looking forward for this big day? lol

Contaminated milk

China strikes again. It was over the news the other day that there are thousand of babies was brought to hospital and four who died after drinking the power contaminated milk. It was found out that the said milk powder contain melamine, an element which is use to make plastic. The babies were diagnosed to have an "acute kidney failure". It seems that China has becoming careless. Few months ago it was discover that some of the toys that is manufactured but this country contain poisonous element. As a mother, I always make it a point to buy products that is safe for my son. But to be more careful I don’t buy product that is manufactured by China. Not that I not like there product but after numerous poison incidents I need to be careful. So all the mother out there beware of the product from China.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

HDMI cable at

Just got home from our regular session it only lasted for more than and hour. Well, the Chairman needs to distribute the alay lakad tickets and I present our second supplement budget for this calendar year. I also disseminated our uniform. There is not much to tell really in our session but I want to share this site that sells wide range of HDMI cable. So if you are looking for HDMI, computer cables, Ipod, notebook batteries and etc I suggest you to visit Firefold, they provide the best computer and home theater products.

Orovo super foods

Obesity rate in the world are increasing rapidly nowadays. Being overweight can cause some illness and one of these illnesses is having heart problem. I am far from being obese but I want to get back my weight before I give birth to my son. Taking diet pill is one the option I am thinking but what stopping me to do so, I am not sure which diet pill take. Good thing there is orovo. Orovo is a health supplement made from a blend of natural products called SuperFoods. It’s a good diet pill to supplement weight loss plans. In fact this supplement will not only help you loose weight but also help you to combat the effects of aging. Isn’t great?

Friday, September 19, 2008

Not so good week

Whoot, Its Friday once again and I can say that this week is not really good for me.My lalabs is in vacation and I’m missing him so much. Chatting is quite hard for us especially that we are used to chat three times a day. Now, out longest chat is 30 minutes and it was yesterday hopefully we can chat longer later today. I still need to wait until Tuesday, he will be backing home then and its back to normal I believe. Everybody is getting sick, at first it was me who got sick. I have a bad cough, headache, colds and feverish. And few more days my son is got sick and I believe he got the virus from me. I pity my son because he lost some weight he barely asks for his milk and he always vomit whenever he ate. Thanks God he is getting better now although his appetite is not back yet. My mother is complaining about her head and she is discharging yellow stuff for a week now. I will bring her to specialist next week for check up. Hopefully all is well Paid review is too slow this week, I hope everything will get back soon as I need some extra bucks this time. How about you? How’s your week so far?

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Diet pill reviews

Before I give birth to my son I was a skinny girl I remember I was eating too much because I want to get more fats but to no avail. So I thought my metabolism works so fast or maybe I am always tired and stressed that time. Anyway after a year of giving birth I noticed that my weight is slowly increasing and I did not mind it as I want to have some fats and now I gained more than 10 kilos. And honestly I not want what I am seeing in the mirror so I am thinking to take a diet pill since I am a lazy type of person but problem is I am afraid I might buy low quality of diet pill. So I browse in the internet as there are hundreds of sites that provides diet pill reviews and viola I came across this website called

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Hard to grab

It's been a week that I don't have any opps from triple P and this morning I am lucky enough to grab one opp. I've been trying to reserve an opp but to no avail I always got this message "All of the available posts for that opportunity have already been taken." I have 5 grays on my dashboard now and I doubt if I can grab one today. I am a bit sleepy now and I think I don't have enough energy to wait for another available opp. By the way I'd love to share this video of Charice having a duet with no other than Celine Dion. Enjoy watching...

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Display banner for my freind's aunt

Christmas is on the air and so some of us are waiting for Christmas Bazaar where we can shop for cheaper items. Soon I will see lot of banners stands in the street promoting the stores. I have a friend whose family is into selling business and she mentioned to me that her aunt is looking for a banner supplier that will help them with their banner stands problem. This friend of mine asked me if I can be of help and I promise her check it online. While surfing the net I came across this site that specializes in any types of banners, brochure stands, or anything that is needed for a bazaar or trade show exhibit. You will not regret because has the best product range, has the lowest price you can find online and the highest standards of service. And if you are keen to know more about the site feel free to visit the link I’ve provided.


Good morning peepz... I am just done dropping for my other blog. But I am not sure if I can drop for this blog and to my other blog I need to be with granny in going to Unionbank. This will be another boring day for me. I still have my little and it made me wonder if the antibiotic I am taking is bad for my mentration. I have my monthly visitors since yesterday but I noticed that it is not normal. I hope there is nothing wrong and I'll have it back next month. I'll be back later today and hopefully i can reach the minimum drop for this blog for its been a week since then.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Quicky update

How was your weekend went so far guys? Mine was not that exciting. It was one of my boring weekend. I did not do anything I just make a reviewer for my niece and watch FOR THE FIRST TIME online. The movie is great but no wonder it's Richard Gutierrez and KC Conception. While typing this post I am waiting for some blog to download completely. I am doing ec drop, finally for this blog. It's been a week i think since I last i do that for this blog and no wonder the RR of this blog in triple P is low again. It is now 1,400 something. Last week it was 800 something. Hayy.. i need to start over again. So bye for now.. Happy Monday to all

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Abusing my health

Health is wealth, I realized that when I got sick. I have been sitting in front of my pc early in the morning and I log off late at night. I know i am abusing my health and my asthma strike again for the second time. I am still thankful it was not bad as the first attack and worse my lalabs had his trip to Turkey with his father and sister. I was really a bad night for me though he always comfort me through his calls and sms but still I wish he is beside me. Anyway i am not back in full force yet though my brain wants that but my body is refusing. hehehe.. So i better follow the language of my body not the language of my stubborn brain. lol..While I'm off from blogging my cousin ask me favor to search of different illness and I found this illness called Cholecystitis. The grasp my attention as i can find symptoms, definition, treatment and anything that I need to know this kind of illness. If you want to know of a certain illness just visit and all you question will be answered. This announcement was paid for by Epocrates

Miss blogging

hello folks!!!! I really miss you all. It's been few days since my absence in blogging world. I missed blog hopping or should i say ec dropping. I am not yet back in full force, if this migraine will just leave me alone I am sure I will be more okay. To all my friends who wished me well a big thank I really appreciate it. But apologized if I can't return the drop in your site hindi pa lang talaga kaya ng power ko. hehehe... to all of you i promise to return the favor.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I am sick

get well soon

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Online shopping at Shop Wiki

When you are searching for something you Google it, but if you are looking for something for a lowest price you shopwiki it. Yes you read it right shopwiki is like Google maybe because they are the most compehensive online shopping directory nowadays. If you an online shopaholic I know you know what I am talking about. And since they have listed thousands of products you dont need to visit each store all you need to do is narrow your search by price, by brand, by color and by size.

If you are looking for an ample list of affodadble sports accesories, worry no more because you can find it too at shopwiki. As I have said they have everyting that you need. Christmas is in the air I am sure I will be checking some of the toys for my family. So what are you waiting for visit and by the way if you are a newbie on shopping online that's not a problem because they have online shopping guide for customers like you.

Monday, September 8, 2008


Good morning peepz.. It's Monday today I start my day by doing ec dropping. I was not able to finish it yesterday only because I was too lazy. Mr. Sunshine is shining bright now so I guess this day is a sweat day. lol.. As I am typing this post I am in my second blog nearly finish for its minimum drop for the day and then it my new blog's turn. But I have a doubt I will not reach the minimum drop for new blog. I will be chatting to my lalabs anytime soon and I want to concentrate on catching opps when triple P starts to shower opps. They usually give some fish every Monday so I not want to missed lot of opps like last week. Ciao for now I will continue my ec dropping before I chat my lalabs. Have a wonderful Monday....

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Will Bugoy make it the first?

Yay, i am getting excited for tonight. I will for sure watch the PDA season 2 final/grand gala on Saturday. Though I was not able to follow the show every night i make it to the point to watch the gala performance. I am not a good singer, will in fact I can't sing. lol.. but I like Bugoy. He is not a typical guy who join reality show. I mean when it comes to looks he really don't have that but with his voice, boy.. i can't say anything i just love it. lol I remember what Derik Joey says, malaki ang dapat ayusin sa hitsurA ni Bugoy in fact he needs a major make over. lol.. but heck i still love this guy, he is my first choice to win the price. Jay Bogayan - "The Farmer’s Son". A 17 years old from Camarines Sur. Bugoy enhance his singing everyday while doing his chores inside the school canteen. This guy also quoted that he likes to sing with the carabaos and grasses while doing his farm works.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Happy weekend

Yay, I should be posting this post the other day pa but I was hit by the laziness syndrome my brain is stuck that I can not think of a good topic. silly me huh? However I am always sitting in front of my pc doing the ec round. I can say that I am hooked with this entrecard thingy. I haven't reach the 300 minimum drop of the day on any of my 3 blogs that is listed in entrecard I hope i will later today. Upps.. before I forget, I am sure some of my blogger friend and visitors would love my new layout. No doubt cos I fall in love with it when i first saw it. And I will give the credit to Tchel although I choice the kit that is used in header still I salute this girl. How I wish I can do like this in the future. Huh, i am not loosing hope boy cos I know someday I well. hahahaha.. If anyone here would like to have a customized layout you can contact Tchel by clicking the link above. Happy weekend to every one!!!!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Questions of the Week #30

  1. When did you last wonder if you are in the right path of your life? During the fist semester of my pregnancy.
  2. Share or admit the most selfish thing you do on a regular basis. When someone want to lend money but i not lend my money cos she not pay it back on the time she promise. lol..
  3. Name three people throughout your life that helped to complete you as a person. My mother, my father and my son
  4. It says that when a person die your spirit could protect anyone in the world, who would you pick? my son and my nanay
  5. What makes you feel dirty? Physically, I mean. unclean nails
  6. Do you ever find it hard not to smile at a time when you don’t want to? sometimes especially when i am hurting inside
  7. What do you do to stay physically fit? nothing i am lazy eh.
  8. What do you do if you suspect you have a symptom of a serious illness? i convince the person to see a doctor/specialist
  9. What do you do when you have nothing better to do? i read and sleep
  10. Do you laugh when you see a stranger trip and fall in public? no not naman i am not that mean naman. but i pity the person
Join the fun here

Medical supplies, anyone?

I remember when something bad happened to my son more than a year a go. How can I forget that time it was 24th of December and everybody in the house was busy preparing for out Noche Buena and I suddenly heard my cousin shouting because my son fainted, well at least that was she think. And when I saw my son’s eyes I know then that he is in a bad situation. And worse we don’t have any first aid kit at home. Thanks God my son was okay when we brought him to the hospital he was just having an inside fever if that is the right medical term.

From then on I realized that having medical supplies in every home is really important. And the right place to visit, offers 55,000 products, under 50 categories and hundreds of sub-categories. To know more about this online store visit the link above for more info.

Thank you

myspace comments
Yeheyyyy.. my entrecard is okay now. I was able to dropped ec this morning. I really thought i will miss dropping for one day but thanks all is okay now. I thank you to all who gives advice i really appreciate it. Since i joined entrecard it really help boost my traffic and i am happy for that although my arms sometimes hurt but its worth it. Especially when i see big payout availabe for my blog but too bad cos i missed it. hehehe.. Well, better luck next time.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I can't login to my account myspace graphic comments
Yay, I not know what is wrong with entre card i have been trying to access my entre card account but i can not log in. I already contacted entre card with this matter and i hope i will have a solution with this problem. Did anyone here encounter the same problem? I will appreciate any comments here. To all my entre card dropper i am sorry if i can't visit your site today i promise to make it up as soon as i can access my account.

A perfect place for wedding and vacation

Vacation is what I am dreaming of and I am for sure lot of people wants to have a vacation. Though I know I need to work hard in blogging to save bunch of money to spend for a luxurious vacation with my son. Anyway if you are one of those who are planning to take a vacation there is a place that is worth visiting. In fact this place is also ideal for travelers who have a tight budget because this site offers discount vacation packages that you can select.

In fact this place is not only ideal for travelers but also to those who are planning to take their vow or planning to renew their vow. So if you know someone that is looking for a destination weddings it is a must to check You will be amaze of their honeymoon all inclusive resort offer. Keen to know more about the resort I am talking about? Then visit any of the link I’ve provided.

New layout

Woot.... finally i will have a new layout for this blog. I asked someone to make it for me for a reasonable price. I now excited to see to the screen shoot of the layout, hopefully i will in 3-4 days from now. I have been thinking to change this old layout by my self but i dont have the right software to make for the header.

Small fishes

woott... this blog has again reach the minimum task for the day at triple p. It's been a month since i able to grab the minimum task and i am happy that i did it today although i only grab small fishes. A $5 with 50 words is not bad and better than nothing. I had reserve one task and i will put it on my other blog. Thanks triple p for this great opportunity.

My top entre card dropper

thank_you Myspace Comments
here is the list of my top 10 entre card droppers for the month of August. To all of you guys thank you for all the dropped. And to my other entre card droppers keep coming back and who know next month you will be one of the top droppers.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Open for link exchange

Finally... my new blog is now open for link ex-change. I have been waiting for this, I started this blog last month pa but I wanted it to have its own domain and a customized layout. I would like o take this opportunity to thanks the owner of Dashing Smile website for hosting a win layout contest and I also want to thank Ma'am Body of My Overview for paying the domain for me. hehehe... Anyway please do visit my new blog and let me know if you want a link ex-change. click the url below.

Pop up TV at

One of my wish is to acquire plasma TV and I know I need to work hard for me to realize this dream but for now I will be happy wit our flat screen 25 inches JVC TV. But I know there are lot of people here who has a plasma TV and is looking for a nice pop up tv that is designed to provide better performance of your home entertainment. At you will find a wide selection of plasma lift that will match your furniture. To know more about this online store that visit the link above for more information.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Pacman fights Golden Boy

It’s all over the news that Filipino boxing superstar Manny Pacquiao will fight off against Oscar De La Hoya in a 12 rounds, non-title fight on December 6, 2008 at MGM Grand Hotel. Pacquio who is now considered as the pound for pound boxer in the world says this fight will be his “greatest challenge”. He also believed that the entire country will be on his shoulder while he walks to the ring.

Pacquiao who is 29 years old has won five different weight classes but never fought above 135 pounds. Well, I guess the Filipino people will be waiting for this fight as Pacman promise that he will fight by heart and he will give everything for this fight. I am pretty sure that during this fight the Filipino people will be staying at their respective homes, office, restaurants, and anywhere just to witness this must awaited fight.

good morning

it's weekend once again and i hope this weekend will bring joy and happiness to each and everyone. as for me here no plan yet but i am sure this weekend will be one of my boring weekend. hopefully to catch few fishes from triple p.

Friday, August 29, 2008

I had a nice chat

I had a nice chat to someone so very dear to me. We were teasing each other and laughing. It's been a while since the last time I chat like this. Anyways, I am getting sleepy here and i guess triple P is not giving any opps. So i might take my rest now and wish to grab some tomorrow. Good night to all....

Thursday, August 28, 2008

First time

finally this blog meet the 300 entrecard for the day. huh, my arm is a bit hurt but i can bear it knowing that i will get a good traffic in return. Anyway how is your morning/night? Hopefully all is well. Yahoo... i already got the screen shoot of my layout for my new blog. i will open it for public viewing and link ex-change when i am done putting the layout. I really excited. I've been planning to change the layout of this blog long way before but i can't find time for it. hay.. now i will really find a time a change this layout. In between entre cared dropping? lol... but we see...

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Naughty son

I got a call from my lalabs at 9:40 pm and my soon is still awake that time. When i answer the call he always repeat what i said and laughing big time. huh, really naughty i not know what happen cos he did not sleep early today. He done with his milk but he is still awake and bla bla bla too much. I am sure he will wake up late tomorrow.

Questions of the Week # 29

  1. When you see a man and woman walking together, do you automatically see them as ‘a couple’? No, unless they are sweet to each other or they are walking hand in hand. lol
  2. Is it always okay to walk along minding your own business, not bothering anyone? I think so
  3. Which foods that you believe are bad for you that you stubbornly refuse to stop eating? Eating chicken skin, my mother wants me to stop because my last blood pressure is a bit high for normal pressure.
  4. How would you handle these three things: a rainy day, lost luggage, and tangled Christmas tree lights? Rainy DAY--> stay at home sleeping, lost luggage --> try to find it and tangled Christmas lights --> i always asked the help of my brother
  5. Do you easily adopt habits or phrases from the people around you? no
  6. What do you think of this situation? In a checkout line at a store, someone is angrily yelling at the cashier because she’s waiting for minutes already. A long line of people are behind them with no other checkout line available. Does the angry person have a right to be yelling? No, you should wait until your turn.
  7. How often are you greeted by strangers in a friendly manner while walking around in public? I sometimes do but there are people who doesn't smile back so i not do it always.
  8. What do you think of Crocs? They are cute for the kids, i am planning to buy one for my son
  9. How long does it take you to get ready to go out? 30 minutes
  10. What kind of accent do you find attractive? British, i sometimes ask my cousin who is from London to recite with british accent.

Questions of the Week # 29

1. When you see a man and woman walking together, do you automatically see them as ‘a couple’? 2. Is it always okay to walk along minding your own business, not bothering anyone? 3. Which foods that you believe are bad for you that you stubbornly refuse to stop eating? 4. How would you handle these three things: a rainy day, lost luggage, and tangled Christmas tree lights? 5. Do you easily adopt habits or phrases from the people around you? 6. What do you think of this situation? ~ In a checkout line at a store, someone is angrily yelling at the cashier because she’s waiting for minutes already. A long line of people are behind them with no other checkout line available. Does the angry person have a right to be yelling? 7.How often are you greeted by strangers in a friendly manner while walking around in public? 8. What do you think of Crocs? 9. How long does it take you to get ready to go out?

  1. 10. What kind of accent do you find attractive?

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


that is what i am feeling right now. I feel too tired maybe i am luck of sleep. My arms are hurting since yesterday and my boyfriend said it's cos i am staying in front of my pc for many hours. addict daw ako sa I must admit he is a right this ecard thingy made me sit in front of my pc longer than usual and my arms is getting bad. Right now i am very sleepy but i can't sleep because i will be chatting to lalabs soon. Maybe i will after our chat. That is if i will not be dropping ecard. lol.

Safety first

I studied my high school in a trade school. I remember when we need to cut stuff for our project sometime we uses the proper tool that is why we end up cutting our hands. Thanks to our dear classmate who bring her father safety cutter from then on we were cut free until we are done with out project.

Are you looking for a box cutter? Martor USA is the right place to visit, they offer wide range of safety knives, safety cutters and box cutters with unique and original features.

My cousin got an acne

I never thought that being stress and eating fatty stuff can trigger acne. My cousin has been dealing with this for more than a week now and I ask her why she got that acne because she was acne free when I saw her last time. And boy… I was surprised when she told me that she was stress for almost 2 weeks now because of her relationship to her husband and when she is depressed she tends to eat a lot. Huh, now this cousin of mine is hunting for an acne cure.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

What's wrong

wit blogger today? i have been trying to edit a layout but i always end up an error. I also did try to download a new skin thinking it could help but to my surprised i also received an error message. I wonder what is wrong with blogger. This is the first time i edit a layout since they blogger made some changes. Honestly it pisses me off. My almost lost my patience. lol... Hopefully all will be well tomorrow.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Doll houses for my nieces

I remember when I was a kid I haven’t had my own baby doll. But instead me and my friends would make a paper doll and paper dress. Honestly we never had anything that we want when we as a kid as I am not from a well-off family. And guess this is the reason why I shower my son, nephew and nieces with clothes and toy. I and my boyfriend make it sure that they will have new clothes and toys every Christmas. So as early as now I am trying to browse on the web what present to give them on this coming Christmas. For the girls I want them to have a dollhouses and for the boys I am still searching for a good one and I am sure I will not have difficulty on searching for has a lot of affordable toys to choice from.

Got my new modem

Yahoo.... it's time for me to celebrate... well.. it's not my birthday nor my son's birthday or my boyfriend's birthday. This morning the technicians of bayandsl was here this morning and finally after calling 181 for like 10 times for more than one week. Now i not need to worry about my internet connection as of this morning i haven't encounter any problem yet. So i go now and do my task for payU.

Shop with big discount

It’s 22nd of August and I know it’s too early to blog about Christmas shopping. However, with the present economy problem we really need to be wise in spending our money specially on shopping. And for me shopping online is a good idea to save some bucks as you will have an ample choice of best buy online. Luckily to those who can avail of Black Friday shopping. Black Friday is the days after thanks giving. This is the day where shoppers can avail of big big discounts in everything. Good thing there is an online site which helps to those non US residences to avail of this discount. All you have to do is visit and viola you can now start shopping.

I already searched the site and I found nice toys at toys r us and clothes for my son, nephew, nieces and god children. I even found stuff for my mother, brother and sister. So what are you waiting for visit the site and check out their thanksgiving flyer before its too late.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Questions of the Week #28

  1. Are you easily influenced by other people or current trends?
  2. What makes you unique (in your own opinion)?
  3. Name 3 of your worst quality.
  4. Name 3 of your best.
  5. Describe the nicest thing anyone has ever done for you.
  6. Tell me about your dream last night.
  7. What is the most expensive item you own?
  8. How about the least expensive?
  9. Do you ever leave little notes to your partner?
  10. When you’re talking, do you ever use your hands in the air to do quotation marks of certain words?
** be back for my answer**

Reach the minimum

of ec dropped of the day. wow its really amazing because when i continue my ec dropped last night i reach my minimum drop. huh.. i hope i can always reach the minimum. honestly i dont know how to work this ec card thingy i just tried to drop as amny as i can though i sometimes neglect checking my ec acount. anyway i tried to purchase an advertise yesterday and i hope i will earn more drops.

Win 10k

Looking for an online store where you can have a great deal of custom t shirts? At you will have ample of choice and you will have a chance to win 10,000 cash at the end of September. Not only that you can make your own designs. So what are you waiting for grab this opportunity of winning 10k.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

thanks fellows

MySpace Comments - Thanks and Thank You
Thank you to all of you who voted me to win the customized layout. I really appreciate all your votes. i can now open my new blog which i am planning to have its own domain. and to CARLOTA big thanks for allowing me join your weekly contest kodus madam.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Have your business at

Are you planning to put up your own business? Why starts from the start when you can have a business that is known to everybody. At present you search franchise opportunities online. is franchise directories were you can find vast list of top franchise categories that you may interested in. So what are you waiting for visit their website and start your own business.

Acne no more

Acne can be a problem to each and everyone, nowadays I’ve seen guys who has acne all over their face and even at their back. Luckily I am not one of them though I often got acne when my menstrual period is coming. With hundreds or even thousand of acne creams to choice in the market these days you sometimes used the cream that doesn’t cure acne. But worry no more because they offer different reviews of various brands of acne creams and solutions. Therefore if you are planning to buy cream for your acne visits the site for you to have an idea which one is good to you.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Back pain

go away, that is what i want this morning. My back is aching and i fell tired still. We are planning to go to the beach today cos the kids was bugging me since last week. Yay, finally i manage to dropped ec today and i hope i can still do the dropping and blog hopping later today. I go now and do my task in payu2blog its been a while since i got a task from them.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

thank you yay, finally the fiesta is over. i would like to take this opportunity to thank my sister who helps us in preparing for the fiesta celebration and cleaning the mess before she go home this afternoon. i am still a bit tired but i am sure i will be fine tomorrow. by the way i also would like to say thank you to those who voted me to win a customize layout hosted by dashing smile i hope i will make it this week. **winks**

Parking space for rent

Traveling is one of the people’s obsessions. I am pretty sure everybody would agree if I say that all of is dreaming of traveling around the world and enjoy the beauty of each country. I my self is dreaming to travel but unfortunately I don’t have enough money pay for a vacation abroad. However I am not loosing hope I am still dreaming that one day I will grasp my dream of traveling to different places and when this time comes I want to visit London as my cousin kept on saying that London is great place. I also would like to

watch Broadway show if given a chance and would not forget visiting big Ben and the famous bridge in the child rhyme.

Anyway if anyone here is planning to take a vacation in London with your love ones having your car with you is a good idea. Why? Because you and your family can explore any place without having a problem in transportation. And sometimes getting a taxi is really expensive and difficult. As for the parking space you don’t need to fret since there is aLondon Parking for Rent and the right place to visit is This parking company offers long term parking space and at affordable price. If you are planning to acquire parking business you can also visit Park Let and check out their listing of parking space for rent.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Thanks PPP

for giving me some opps today i also had one ppp direct. it's our fiesta in here but i can not help but grab those available opps moreover because its been a while since i last grab an opps from triple p. I am now ready to take my bath before the visitors come. anyway i need to go now and finish the last opps i grab and then take my bath.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

strange cold go away

my watch say it's 4:00 am too early to wake up. i really don't have any plan to wake so early because i am really tired yesterday but my strange colds is hitting me. strange cos it only stay for an hour. but i will but sneezing and blowing too much. hay....last night i was not able to grab any opps i hope i catch later today. anyway good morning to all of you hope everybody is doing fine.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

software as a service

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Precast product, anyone?

Are you considering building your own house or you want to decorate your house? There are many things to consider before you actually start building and decorating your house. First you need choice the materials that you are going to use, I advice you to choice materials that are branded and of good quality. As I have said in my previous post shopping online is very good because we will have ample of choice good quality but affordable price. Do you know that there is a site that is worth visiting?

At they provide good quality of Precast Concrete and Precast Concrete Septic Tanks of your choice. What is good with this online store is that there engineers will help you design and choice the best product that will suit to your need. They also got the most skilled and well-informed people within the precast concrete industry. If you are keen to know more about this site do visit the links above for more information.