Tuesday, January 15, 2008

blessed...and not???????

yesterday i write about my rants on dropping down of page rank. i know some of the pro blogger is disappointed, like what i feel when i knew that my pr dropped down. this morning i am happy to know that my other blog MY JOURNEY is now accepted in smorty and i did some task in there this morning. thanks smorty for being so good to me. ppp wasn't that good to me lastnight. been trying to grab some opps but i always end up this message "sorry all available post of this bla bla bla... hay nakakainis if i only able to grab those opps i will surely met my daily task. yesterday i am complaining that i cant not add links on my blog. thanks god it is okay now. But heck i can not open my CELEBRATE LIFE blog. what's going on again. i hope i can see this post.

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