Tuesday, January 8, 2008

hide your IP address

I haven’t any idea that whenever I surf to one website to another website sends e-mail, download some file my IP address is visible. They can actually follow all my personal records. How I wish I could hide this information to the entire site I visited and will be visiting. No doubt the law enforcer could track the criminal’s whereabouts with the help of IP address. I am not one of those people who have criminal record but I want to hide my IP address. Good thing I saw this site while I am surfing the net. The main goal of is to hide IP address. By this you can now surf as many website as you want but with hide IP address, meaning they will not see any information about you. I encourage those people you have own pc and internet connection at home to visit this site. This is the right time for us to be careful with our identity for our identity may be used in some un-lawful act.

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