Thursday, January 3, 2008

junk silver site

The site is actually very simple at first glance you will not know that the website is doing a promoting and advertising, so I can say that the site doesn’t have complete information. Whenever I surf the net it always grasp my attention when the site has a good color. Some people adore checking the picture that the site owner uploads in the site. Therefore if I were to make the site I would choice a background color which I think will captures visitor’s interest for them to check what is the site can offer. I will also make the site title in a bold and letter since the choice of font is okay I will also change the font color. The article is well written but I noticed that there were no information about the site and where to contact them in case somebody would like to buy the product. It is also a big help to attract customers if there are offers waiting for them. Lastly I will for sure place some picture of junk silver.

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