Saturday, January 12, 2008

my first tag this year

PrettyLifeOnline tagged me with this meme Actually first tag for year 2008 hehehe.. I am tagging Fe, Lisa, and Nova

  • 1. I love to eat: anything that my taste bud loves
  • 2. I hate to eat: smelly foods
  • 3. I love to go: chat with my love, read pocketbooks,
  • 4. I hate to go: and logout whenever i and my love finish chatting
  • 5. I love it when: my love shows how much i mean to him, and when my son hug me
  • 6. I hate it when: i can't chat to my love, my connection is bad
  • 7. I love to see: my love on cam
  • 8. I hate to see: see my self in the mirror cos im gaining weight
  • 9. I love to hear: my loves voice over the phone
  • 10. I hate to hear: bad gossip

2 shared thoughts:

Pretty Life Online said...

thanks girl for doin' .... Have a great day!

Nova said...

i'm finally done with this owe tagged rosey...

thanks for giving me such like this.... i had fun inspite of the fact nga busy jud akong beauty... i have to update as i promised....

musta na ka ug ang imong lovelife day?