Thursday, January 10, 2008

new domain

yahoooo.. i now have a new domain on my other blog i am really happy to have it. but heck it ruin my theme i hope Irel could do my theme as soon as she can. anyway i tried to submit my this blog that has my domain ppp's server says i am not the owner of that blog. huh, really bad. i hope they will get back to me as i ask why i encounter an error like that.

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Anonymous said...

hhha... why only now rose? dapat nuon pa..sayang ang mga pinagpaguran mo from the start. but thats ok... at least you will have less restrictions now.
I suggest you go back to all your backlinks and let them know your new domain name/URL.
and make sure you uncheck the redirection because you'll have some problems with other major search engine in crawling your page.. see yah...happy blogging day