Thursday, January 17, 2008


i just lo off from ym chatting to my love this time we try to use our mic since its been a decade that we not using it. although i am sleeping i decided to open my ppp dashboard and bingo there is one avialable for 8.33 for 50 words will not really a high payout but lol for a blog that has a pr0 i dont expect anything big.hehehhe.. but heck i did not able to grab this opps cos i usual it takes me sometime to finally enter the spam letters and when i made it viola the opps is not available to me. i don't know why its slow during night time. i only hope i can still grab before i signoff..

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Snap Catch said...

hehehe try some luck next time girl!!! please visit my other haus if you get some time.... tagged you there girl! from pretty life online