Tuesday, February 19, 2008

get you stylish eyeglasses at

I really don’t like wearing eyeglasses and don’t ask my why because I don’t know, maybe because I am not really comfortable wearing it. But I need to wear it way back in college and now to my dismay I need to wear it well I am still lucky because I don’t need to wear it anytime like others do. In my case the specialist advice me to wear it when I am reading and when I am in front of my computer. Huh, not bad. Anyway I had my eye examine for 2 weeks now and sad to say I haven’t had my eyeglass and because I don’t have it yet I need to limit my stay sitting in front of my computer or else my head will be in a chaos. How I wish I can have it immediately but to no avail.

But to those who are planning to buy a stylish prescription glasses do you know that you can buy it online. Huh, too late for me I guess. But yes, you read it right you can actually buy prescription eyeglasses at Isn’t bad to have an $ 8 Zenni Optical Rx Eyeglasses? I was surprised when I saw their huge collection of frames so I am sure that there is an available frame that will suit to you. And because they manufactured their own frames they sell it in very affordable price. So hurry check them out to have your eyeglasses hassle free.

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