Sunday, February 24, 2008

i've been thinking..

to make this post a while ago but my butt was attacked by my laziness. Few weeks ago I helped Ma’am Bodie to have her own blog since my new found friend Ludy told her about how I earn through my blog. I was actually happy when Ludy sent sms to me asking me to called Ma’am Bodie’s landline cos she was there and they want to know how to make a blog. Too bad I was on the middle of chatting to my love that time that is why we barely had a short talk on the phone. However, I was able to teached her how to have her own blog. Now she is starting to enjoy it and soon she will for sure earn from it. I added some of my blogger friend on her blog roll and if you are one of those please kindly add her link to your blog role. She is new in the blogging world and in the process of learning the do’s and don’ts in the blogging world.

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