Monday, March 10, 2008

Binibining Pilipinas 2008 Q&A controversy

I witnessed the Binibining Pilipinas 2008, I am surprised when Paulo Bediones announced contestant No. 15 as Binibining Pilipinas-world to think that she did not go well on the question and answer portion.
  • Question: What rule did your family played to you as candidate of Bb. Pilipinas?
Answer: Well, my families rule for me is so important because their.... their was....they was the one who's .......very ......haha..ohh... I'm sorry.....ammm.. my family... oh my God... I'm.....okay...I'm so sorry I told you that I'm confident...oh.... sorry guys because this was really my first pageant ever because I am only 17 years old and hahaha....I did not expect that I came from one of the top 10 so....but I said that my family is the most important person in my life. Thank you
What do you think? Is she deserving to be crowned as Bb. Pilipinas-World?

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Anonymous said...

I didn't take not to react of what was happened in BB. Pilipinas 2008 last saturday.that's why I'm using your space to say something.,
First, when you say a "pageant", there are some qualities that they are looking for, such as beauty, and brain... so ask yourself if you are QUALIFIED for it?!!!

How come that she said she is "confident" knowing the fact that she can't answer a question using the same language?!!! I don't think she deserves to get that title... No wonder how will she represent our country with her "barok" English?!
I'm pretty much sure she will be famous for getting the highest number for viewing her stupidity video in youtube.. :) ciao

imelda said...

The contestant nor the judges didnt deserve . . . . to be called as such, in the first place. They are misfits in that pageant.

Nova said...

thats really sucks!!! how could she be picked when she answered that way? murag feeling nko mas maayo pa akong niece which is 5 years old mutubag kaysa iyaha... ruffa was right during the news lastnight she had 7 months to learn ENGLISH...haller!!! dont tell me sya lang padala ng disgrace sa PI...besides i dont see her that pretty jud... walay lubot... grrrrr

or maybe my DAYA???

mshang said...

oh my God. the controversy really proves that most of the filipinos give much importance on beauties rather than brains. We say that Janina lacks intelligence, then so with the judges who made her won??(mas bobo ang judges)What s up with GMA-& and judges denise trillo and marimar?what made them qualified to be one of the questionable judges??
ohh come on with the organizers....

mshang said...

Janina San Miguel was the most horrifying BB Pilipinas EVER.!!!!