Tuesday, March 25, 2008

busy bee

Geeezzz… I haven’t had a time to update my blogs. The truth is I don’t have the oomph to do it. Today is one of the busy day I need to pay the Barangay power bill and it means I need to be in a long queue at the bank. I was surprised when I came to accounting office that I still need to asked the signature of the DILG officer **sigh** i need to walk in the sun. Yes you read it right the sun finally show up for almost a week now. Anyway I was in a hurry to go home cos I still need to chat to my love but to my surprised no electricity so I ended up calling him to let him know I can’t go online.

2 shared thoughts:

Jojo said...

I remember my college days nga permi lang galakaw sa ilalum sa adlaw. Very hot and it made me very tanned. Heheheh

Ok lang kay exercise bitaw na.

imelda said...

I am happy to be spared now of walking to and fro the municipal hall from the ABC hall. My shoes easily wear out, too. Good i always sport sturdy and branded shoes, hehe.