Thursday, March 13, 2008

I tagged

Got this tag from Yen

  • I AM… being me, and my self
  • I WANT…to travel the world and to have a family that I can call my own. **winks**
  • I HAVE… a son named Justin Aiken from a previous relationship and I also have my lalabs
  • named Gvendur
  • I WISH…my kids and nephew will have a good future in any field they choice.
  • I the house!
  • I FEAR… to try how to swim and ride a bike
  • I SEARCH…for a great deal houses in Cebu!
  • I WONDER…why some people can't be happy to their fellow! lol
  • I REGRET…trusting to some But I moved on na.
  • I LOVE…my son and my love, my family!
  • I ALWAYS…think positive
  • I AM NOT…a bad person unless provoked!
  • I DANCE…like....huh, i really don't know how to dance.
  • I SING…at the bathroom.
  • I CRY....sometimes, when i am hurt, when watching drama movie or show.
  • I WRITE…because I want to share my thoughts
  • I WON…a won a washing maschine last August, Actually i bought 1 booklet of ticket and named it to my son, nephew and nieces but my son was lucky.
  • I AM CONFUSED…sometimes of many things
  • I NEED…to take a nap after
  • I SHOULD…try to save..hehe
I am passing this tag to Nova, Ate Liz, Fe, Ate Joy, Darlene, and Imelda

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rojoy said...

I just found out you tag me on this one too. You know what I will post this on my other blog. thanks sis.