Sunday, March 16, 2008

Would Pacquio win over Marquez

Today mark the event of return bout of Pacquio and Marquez. They had a draw decision on their last fight in 2004. Anyway would Manny "Pacman" Pacquio "The Mexican Executioner" will win over Juan Miguel Marquez "The Dynamite" of Mexico. Huh, I am not really a boxing avid fan but I always watch whenever Pacman has a fight. I am getting excited in here.

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Both boxer has prepared for this match. But it's our National punch won on this battle at Mandalay Bay. The fight was really great I though Pacqiuo will lost the battle when he got a bad head batt in his lower eye. Good thing he made it. He is now the !st Asian to have 3 tittles.

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azillah said...

wow, i missed the figth...proud na sab natong mga pinoy..go go go pacman!