Friday, April 25, 2008

British got talent

The other day while sitting in front of my pc and listening to the news on tv. The news anchor grasp my attention when I heard that a Filipina is making a name in British. So I put my concentration on the tv screen and after checking the new I immediately check this Filipina name Madonna Decina on youtube and here's I've got. To be honest I am teary eyed when while watching the video. Enjoy watching.

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Anonymous said...

I so loved this. I'm crediting you and putting this on my newly started blog so inspired that we are more than what we see, brought me to tears. Thank you for such a great reminder!

Anonymous said...

it is really good song but i didnT follow british got talent.i was wacthing american idol and i saw in there chris doughtry. really perfect sound that he has

Anonymous said...

As a Pilipina myself, I understand her situation as her situation is very common in our country. But I think her voice is not that great. Good for her but I just hope that she will not start crying and saying about how hard is her life becuase she have a choice to make and she don't need to tell the world as it is a bit of an embarrassing, I just hope that she put pride on her talent not sympathy . It is like attention grabbing. I am sorry but one thing to say that not all Pilipino singers don't dress like her becuase I don't.