Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Informative website

When I am barely starting to make my own blog I really don’t know anything. Thanks for a good friend that I meet online she really helps me on where to start. I do have 3 active blog and some says that I have a nice layout in my other two blogs. How I wish I make it my own. Another thing that I don’t know when I start to blog is the page rank thingy. I really don’t know that this page rank is important when you opt to monetize your blog. I was surprised to have a Pr of 3 when I start to blog to think that my site is a month old. All the sacrifice and effort is paid when I got this rank. But few months ago I lost that page rank and until now I don’t have any idea how to do a pagerank calculation. I haven’t heard of SEO before and now I know that this is important in one blog. Timely, because I came across to this site called The site is very informative more especially if you are a newbie on web page designing and setup. You will also know what stuff to put into your page that will of course help you to gain some visitors. So guys if you are planning to know on how to design a website why not take a peek on this site this is for sure a big help for you.

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