Monday, April 14, 2008

To go or not to go?

I am now exchanging sms to Ludy my former c0-barangay secretary. She texted me last night they will have a double birthday celebration with Mana Pedang another Brgy. Secretary. Ma'am Imelda is also coming but I think later today cos she still have a speaking engagement in Lapaz and Carigara. Anyway I still have one task to do, I am happy to got some task in other site for it's been a week since i got my last task from them.

2 shared thoughts:

imelda said...

So sorry sis to be a no-show in Ludi's birthday. Got no energy anymore when i finished with the Carigara group. Had no breakfast and lunch coz of lack of time. I ate my dinner at the latter's group. Got home at past 7pm.Whew!

Prettymom said...

Sus gabi na ngayan amo ciring ni ludi na dire kana magandto kay 6 pm naman. i got home 4.30 kay magchat pa ak told ludi to text me pagabot mo hehehe