Sunday, May 11, 2008

I have the best in the world

The special day for mommies has come so it's about time for us to tell all the mommies out there and to our mothers as to how greatful we are for giving us life. I wanna thank Francine for forwarding me these very interesting meme. You too can tell why your mom is the best by simple posting your reasons and don't forget to add your link! Spread this tag and tell the world that you have the Best Mom!

  1. Bregie- her love for us is endless!
  2. Bing - for us she is more than perfect!
  3. Francine - of the life she gave me in this world!
  4. Cherie - of her undying love, understanding and support in everything that I do
  5. Le bric à brac de Cherie -she's always there to give my spirit a lift when I am really down and she never get's tired of loving me and the entire family. I wanna be like her!
  6. Celelebrate Life- she did many sacrifice just to give us a better life and education and of course she let me see how beautiful to be born.
I am tagging Imelda, Ate Joy, Fe, Ate Liz, Dex and Nova

6 shared thoughts:

HartofDixie said...

Happy Mother's Day. Enjoy the big day!

Prettymom said...

thanks for the visit bem

Christinehaze is SC's author said...

Very cool tag........Happy Mothers day!

Nova said...

thank you rose for these tag, and even if mother's day is over, it isn't for me, i'm celebrating it for my mom as the whole month of May..

i'm grabbing this now and will tag it on my page...

buzz you later when i'm done, musta naman ka day? miss your messages...

ingatz... belated happy mother's day

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