Thursday, July 31, 2008

Questions of the Week 25

  1. Your true happiness? My family
  2. Which is more embarrassing to you? Walking with toilet paper on your shoe or with your pants unzipped? Pants unzipped, hmm... what is i am wearing a g-string? hehehe..
  3. Would you rather be gossiped about or never talked about at all? Gossip a little if fine with me
  4. Would you rather find one million dollars or find true love? one million dollar as i found my true love na
  5. Which is worse? Foot odor or armpit odor? huh lemme think... both...
  6. Who would you want to meet? Snoopy, Mickey Mouse, Garfield, or Bugs Bunny? Why? all of the above because i haven't meet any of them..pity me.
  7. Would you rather have wheels or wings? Wings, so i can fly anywhere i want.
  8. How do you feel about haunted houses? Would you visit one? Scary, yes i would love to visit one just for the fun of it. heheehe.. takutin ba ang sarili
  9. Which would be worse? Bleeding to death or starving to death? starving to death
  10. Which is worse? Stepping in a dog poo or sitting in gum? Stepping a dog poo...

Have fun and enjoy!!!

Hair loss product treatment

When I give birth to son my mother was not at my side but she advice me to be extra careful during pregnancy and she also give some tips on how to prevent losing hair after pregnancy. But because I really don’t believe in superstitious belief I did not follow on what she said. I was alarmed when my hair starts to fall whenever I combed my hair. That time I remember the advices that my mother told me before she flew back to her work abroad. If I only follow those advices I am sure that I will not loss some of my hair. Although I not want to cut my long hair I don’t have any choice but to cut it short to prevent for losing more hair. I there are lots of Hair Loss Products in the market but I am afraid to try any because I might choice the wrong one and it makes my hair loss worse.

So if you are having difficulty on finding the right treatment for you baldness there is a site that is worth visiting. Its, through this site you will find top three hair loss product that is fast and proven result, product quality and customer satisfaction. You don’t need to consult a doctor and ask for a prescription as you can buy this over the counter. To know more about this hair loss treatment visits the site for more information and guidance.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Raining hard

I was sleeping when i heard some noise only to find out the rain is pouring mad into our roof. I even don't hear the sound of the television which my brother is watching. Ohh boy.... I only hope i will not loss electric power for I will be chatting to my lalabs later today.

Chat software for your online business

I am sure some of my followers knew that I have been ranting about my internet connection many times this month. What is more annoying is when I try to call the customer care of my internet provider no one is picking the phone. I hate it when they do that. Sometimes when a customer representative answers my call they will ask me to stay in the line and mind you need to wait for about 10-15 minutes. Isn’t irritating? When this happen I sometimes wish they have another way of contact them like chatting. With this their caller will not be bored waiting and holding the phone for long.

If you own an online store or any business that have a website you should consider having a great customer service for your client. This way they will have a reason to keep coming to your site. Anyway why don’t you try visiting, this site offers chat software that will allow customer service rep to communicate via chat with any customer. It also has tracking to allow you to see every visitor real time and run reports on how they got to your site, what keywords they used, was it organic or paid and how long on each page.for more information about this software visit

Monday, July 28, 2008

Happy Monday

I've been waiting for opps for few days now an when i checked my triple dashboard I am late again I saw 8 gray opps. Hay I really don't know when I will catch those fishes. Hopefully I can still grab later today. Anyway it's MOnday again I wish I will me more bless this week. My son is up now, he have been doing that for 2 weeks now. And he is messing with me while I am doing this post. I don't know he is just calling me and when I ask him what he wants he will hug me.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Happy weekend

Yay, I wake up really early its 5am when I checked my wrist watch. I guess this is because of the sleeping marathon yesterday. Anyway and since My eyes is wide open I decided to open my pc and check SS if I can grab or reserve some opps and viola i grab one opps and I need to do it now. So i hope everybody is having a nice weekend.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Preparing for halloween party

I had another chance to clog about Halloween thingy although I know it’s early to blog it this time. Anyway Halloween is a holiday celebrated on the night of October 31. There are actually many activities on this day like trick-or-treating, ghost tours, bonfires, and costume parties, visiting "haunted houses", and carving jack-o-lanterns. My friends is planning to host a halloween party so as early as today he is starting to list all the details that he needs to do for him to have a successful Halloween party. I want him to help with the Halloween invitations for his invited guest and I hope I am one of them.

Modern furniture store

Friday, July 25, 2008

Thanks loud launch

Whooot.. I am not lucky enough to grab opps from triple P but thanks I decided to log in loud launch right after I finish chatting to lalabs. And I able to grab 4 opps i am done with my 3 opps. But my eyes is too tied that she want to close and take a rest so I will not be doing my last task today. My wrist watch says its 2:10 am and its time for me to be in bed and travel to the land of dreams.

Multilingual Cannabis seed shop

I came across this site that offer wide range of high quality cannabis strains. In case you don’t know what cannabis is. It is an herb that has been used by humans throughout recorded history for its fiber, known as hemp, for its psychological and physiological effects and for the nourishment of its oil-bearing seeds. Different parts of the plant have different uses, and different varieties are cultivated in different ways and harvested at different times, depending on the purpose for which it is grown.

So if anyone here is looking for a high quality cannabis seeds or hanfsamen in German and graine de cannabis in French the right place to visit is The Flying Dutchmen store. The store opened in 1998 retailing top quality of cannabis genetics. But before this the founder had been working behind the scenes with this beautiful plant for many years. If you are keen to know more about the store you can visit the site at And by the way the site offer full multilingual support in 7 different languages.

SAMCO-Machinery for metal forming

Have you heard of rollforming? As for me I haven’t heard of that word so I am having difficulty on where to start with this post. So I decided to check the meaning of rollforming and base. say that Roll-forming or Rollforming is a continuous bending operation in which a long strip of metal (typically coiled steel) is passed through consecutive sets of rolls, or stands, each performing only an incremental part of the bend, until the desired cross-section profile is obtained. Roll-forming is ideal for producing parts with long lengths or in large quantities.

Now that makes sense and its roll forming is not an easy job that is why there is a specially design tool for metal forming. This tool is called rollform equipment . Anyway if you don’t have this kind of equipment but you need to form some metals worry no more because there is a company who offer this kind of job. SAMCO-Machinery is the right place to visit. They have been in the business for 35 years now and their experience brought them to be the rollforming specialist.

Promax Calcium Xpress Supplements

This morning two guys are visiting one home to another home I am wondering what they are selling because they are handling a big black bag. I thought they are selling some cosmetic product but I am wrong because they are actually selling supplement. I am tempted to buy but my mother stopped me for doing that. The reason is that we are not sure of the product. Truly there are lots of supplements in the market. Anyway if you are looking for high protein bars, calcium powder supplements, or vitamin powder supplements the right place to visit is

Promax Nutrition has been in business of making best selling high protein bars since 1996. With a wide range of product Promax is more committed that ever to develop innovative, convenient and portable nutrition products for active people. Do you know that Promax is trusted for good nutrition? There natural energy bars, healthy snacks bars, high protein shakes and powdered is patronized by a lot of people. So if you are a type of person that is always in the go visit the site and start using their products.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Annoying internet connection

My connection is getting crazy again. I always get dc every now and then I’ve been trying to call the customer care of my internet provider but to no avail no one is picking the phone. Hay… I guess my connection needs to be refresh because of moving my pc and I need to turn off and unplug my modem whenever I need to move my pc. Hopefully my connection will be nice to me when triple P starts to shower some opps to the blogger. Hmm.. keeping my finger cross.

Drug reference guide for physicians

Do you know that there is an iphone that a physician must have? Clinicians will have an immediate access to important information that can guide them in their prescribing decisions, like side effects, drug dosing and even health plan coverage. The drug reference guide can be loaded in various devices such as Pocket PC, Palm, Windows Mobile, and the one launched recently, for Blackberry devices. This will also help the patients because they don’t need to visit their doctor just to ask for prescription because the patients can browse all the information using their iphone. To know more about this advance technology checks out

This announcement was paid for by Epocrates.

I'm a sensitive kisser

You Are a Sensitive Kisser
For you, kissing is a way to connect And you need lot of care, attention, and privacy It may take you a while to kiss someone... But when you do, it's total fireworks
Wow... i am a sensitive kisser?????? Yes i can be a sensitive kisser sometimes i want my kiss to be slow and yet last forever. How about you do you know what kind of kisser are you? If not why not try this quiz.

Moving my pc

I have been moving my pc from one place to another place. Right now I am here in my room but tomorrow I will move my pc again back to the living because they are done with the finishing in the living. So tomorrow they will start the finishing here in my room and hopefully all is done this week so I can move the pc back in my room for good. Then I and lalabs will have privacy whenever we chat because sometimes when we’re chatting my sibling will watch cartoons on TV and some kids will come inside. Good thing some of this kids are my cousin.hehehe.....

Baseball gear

Lot of people nowadays choice to shop online, when shopping online you don’t need to visit one store to another store in case the product you are looking is not available in the first store. Its hassle free and you can also find great deals of many products everyday. With today’s oil price hike and some other basic commodities it is a must that we buy products that is not expensive but quality wise. And speaking of shopping online anyone here is planning to shop baseball accessories like Baseball Gloves, pitchbacks, baseballs, portable soccer goals or soccer net there is an online store that is worth visiting. is what I am talking about. They are committed to provide each and every customer with a superior online shopping experience. The site markets sporting goods item that are geared to training kids ages 6 and up. Their brand of choice is Franklin Sports, a company that has been in the business for over 50 years and offers great quality at a very affordable prize. They also have gift ideas for you nephews and nieces. I am sure you will astonish when you browse all of their item. So what are you waiting for visit the link above and start shopping.

Kind of pissed?

What wrong with me? Right now it seems that I am a bit pissed and I really don’t know the reason why. Could it be my hormones? Hay…. Whatever…. Hopefully I will be more okay when I start chatting to my lalabs soon. We have been having a nice chat for few days now. Although we haven’t had any arguments for few weeks now this fast few days is one of our memorable chats.

Rare coins at

Do you know of someone who collects coins? I know of someone who collects coins from ordinary coins to rare coins. I was astonished when she shows us her coin collection for the first time. I am pretty sure that she invests lot of money buying rare coins to add to her collection. Surely she will earn lot of money when she sells her collection in the future. And I know this friend of mine will be happy if she can add new coin to her collection. That is why I am planning to call her later today and tell her about Monaco Rare Coin. This company is part of the Monex family companies and serving the people for over 40 years now. So if you are thinking to invest your money or you want to add rare coin to your coin collection don’t look any further visit and check what they can offer.

Thursday again

Good morning everybody. It's Thursday once again weekend is fast approaching. I wake up very early today as i have many things to do today. Hopefully I can grab few opps before I sign off because i will be back online again at 5 pm. So i am begging triple p to shower me with some opps it will be appreciated i promise.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

missed some opps

Hay... i am disappointed when i check my triple P dashboard because i saw 8 grays. As i have mentioned in my previous post that we are putting finishing touches in our house and today they are the need to move my pc and the phone wire is not that long so I can't used my internet. Hay... I really they can finish the flooring tomorrow so I not need to move my pc. My eyes just widened seeing those gray opps and hopefully they turn white. hehehe.. here is few of the opps that i miss grabbing.

Country music station in Florida

I am a type of person who loves to music although the music doesn’t love me. I hope you get what I mean. Whenever I am alone or going to sleep I always want to listen to my favorite music. I also enjoy having background music while doing some house chores. We don’t have lot of CD at home so I sometimes end up listen to an FM radio station but problem is sometimes I am having a problem looking for the right station. Good thing there is HD digital radio that is available in the market. With this we can hear our favorite music anywhere. And more thing listening to this kind of radio is like listening to a CD music. You can also have Polk Audio I-sonic ES2 if you want.

Anyway this innovation is now in new country music stations that mean you can hear your favorite country music in CD-like sounds. If you are in Florida area you should check out Florida High Definition Radio stations at And if you want to have a crystal clear sounds and wants new stations without monthly cost go and visit for more info.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

New blog

I've been wanting to have a new blog but i am having a second thought because maintaining some blog is not really easy. But anyway although i am having a second to make or not to make I opt to just make another blog. This time I will open it in public after i paid for i own domain. After having my first own domain blog i noticed that i got some opps with my domain blog. Anyway below is the unfinished layout of my new blog. I hope i can have the header done but unfortunately i don't have talent how to make a header.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Happy sunday

Happy Sunday images
Happy Sunday to all... Sunday is almost done but i haven't do anything. I almost sleep the whole afternoon blame and I blame to to out electricity. Hay... to many electric wire post that need to be change that is why we always have a black out this week. Huh... not good to my blogging...

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Cool funny t-shits

I’ve noticed that t-shirt is the most comfortable wear ever. From simple tees, printed tees, printed tees and funny tees. I’ve seen many funny t shirts wore by many people and I find it cool. I sometimes want to have those shirts. Since I can’t find any at the department store that is available in downtown area I opt to search it online and I end up this site called Through this site you will find funny t-shirts decorated by pictures and text. Above is a sample design that is available at Road Kill that I like most.

Yahoo... finally

...i got back the electricity. For the whole day we don't have electricity in our place just got it back one hour ago. I also think i will lost it again tomorrow some electrician are working, changing some old post.

Open letter to OPEC

Nowadays oil price is increasing rapidly. In fact just the other night the gasoline has again increase after the last increase last week. This is only a proof that the oil product is really getting expensive. But I really can not understand why the gasoline is increasing rapidly because there are many ways to help minimize the oil price hike. Anyway I read the World Biofuels Industry Open Letter to OPEC to let us know that they are providing a lowered priced renewable fuel to world today. The letter that is sponsored by the biofuel industries in Brazil, Canada, Europe and the United States, called out the oil cartel on its misleading and unsubstantiated claims about the role of ethanol in world oil markets. So if you want to know more about this open letter which is addressed to Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) just click the link and you will be redirected to the letter.

Good morning

to all my blogger friends and visitors. It's Saturday once again. Do you have any plan for this weekend? As for me I don't have any plan yet but maybe I will just stay at home and try to have some relaxation. I also need to attend the regular session today at 8:30 in the morning and after that I will free the whole day. I hope I can also grab some opps in triple P.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Review a site now

Do you want your site to be reviewed? I came across this site that is worth visiting. Through this site you cab express your own opinion both good and bad. The site I am talking about is We all know Website Reviews allows us to generate good traffic, page rank, alexa rank, link stats and many more. So what are you waiting Review A Website now, you can even give a review in your own site.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Question of the Week24

  1. How was your day yesterday? busy day
  2. Who do you dislike most? People who are so dull to talk to, people who don’t recognize your talent, or people who are better looking than you? huh... difficult to choice man oi
  3. When you we’re still single or if you’re single, do you tend to date people younger or older than you? older than me
  4. Do you have any fears, phobias, or concerns about doctors? no
  5. What five things that you have done in life that you are most proud of?
  6. Are you an optimist, pessimist, or realist? Explain. optimist, i always see the positive side
  7. Which is worse, seeing someone chewing their fingernails or picking their nose? picking their nose
  8. Would you rather kiss a stranger or someone you hate? kiss a stranger hehehe....
  9. Would you rather be lost at sea or in a desert? Why? lost i sea
  10. Would you rather speak with God for one minute or add one year to your life? talk to god for one minute

Have fun!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Blog approved

When I first submit my blog to socialspark it was not accepted but but yesterday I got an e-mail from them that my blog is approved after I re-submit my blog. I submitted my first post with them few minutes ago and hopefully more opps to post in the following days. So if you haven't submit your blog to socialspark do it now.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Helped my cousin

Having an internet at home is really good. I can chat to my lalabs anytime we want. I can earn through blogging. After I am done chatting to my lalabs a cousin of mine who lives few house from us came and asked me to help him do his assignment. In just a matter of 30 minutes we are done with his assignment. The wonder of technology, I remember during my thigh school days I need to be at the library reading lot of books just to answer our assignments but now you just need to type your assignment keyboard and search it. Then viola you will have many answers to choice from.

Low dial -up connection

In these day of modern technology internet user is increasing rapidly. But because of price hikes internet users tend to look for connection that is not expensive. Worry no more because is here to help you. If you are in the area of UNited States you can avail of this low price ISP dial-up connection. S what are you waiting for visit the site now.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Dust all over..

in the house, we are doing the finishing on our house for few days now. Thanks to blogging....hehehhehe.. I really feel great that finally for few months of doing paid post i can now see the fruit of my labor. But heck... i still need to save some money to finally finish the finishing.

Don't have stroller

When my son was still a baby he don’t have any stroller so whenever I need to bring him with me I always carry him and because he is a little big for his age I am having a hard time carrying him. So there are times that I just leave him at home and just buy something for him when I get home but still I feel bad. So next time that I will have a baby I will never forget to buy strollers so I can always bring the baby along with me.

I am grateful that ...

after refreshing my dashboard i able to grab one opps and maybe my last opps in ppp for today. I am loosing hope that I can reserve it because when I refresh my dashboard I immediately click the other browser which I open and then go back to my triple P browser and viola a gray opps turn white but I am a bit late to grab. I am happy when it say's i able to grab the opps. sayang din noh..kasi $9.25 for 100 words hehehe....

Low car rentals

When you are traveling away from home it is good to have your own transportation so that you can visit any place you want to visit. But problem is that you can’t bring your own car? Then worry no more because is here to help you. This company offer very low car rental . It does not matter how far you will going to visit their prices won’t change any penny. Another reason to choice this car rental is that they offer 50% discount on luxury and convertible car for rent. Isn’t a good offer? So if you are in need of car to rent don’t look any further visit the link above. With them you will have a worry free travel and save money as well.


man.... i can say that i am unlucky this evening. I always missed opps that is big payout. hopefully i can grab some opps tomorrow morning. but for now its time for me to go to bed. Argh.. it's been a while since i last grab opps.. i miss those time that opps kept coming on my dashboard hay.... if i only manage to grab one task that has big payout.

Garden, anyone?

I used to have a green thumb during my teenage days. I remember I have many different flowering plants in my grandmother’s back yard. But few months ago I tried to plant flowering plants in our back yard but to my dismay the plants died. I am really upset because I asked those plants for a dear friend of mine whom I seldom see. Too bad the plants did not blossom because it will always remind me of that friend. Now all I can do is envy whenever I see a beautiful garden because I don’t think so I can still handle to have a garden of my own for the green thumb in me was lost. The only way I could think to have a garden is to ask someone to do it for me.

Anyways I bumped into this site called Garden Escape. The site offers garden rooms, garden office, garden buildings and any where you want to put your garden. Huh, if I will be to choice I will choice to have a garden in my back yard. I want a garden that is spacious. I since I can not make the plant bloom I don’t have any plan to take gardening as a business for that matter. Pleasure yes, because flowers really bring pleasure to us. It helps our mind at ease and calm. Indeed, a place where we can relax and smell the breeze of different flower.

If anyone here wants to have a garden but don’t know where to put it then don’t look any further visit They will help you decide on where to put your garden. They can also build it for you. So go visit the link and get started.

Friday, July 11, 2008


I always feel bad when my son is sick. He has been having a fever since yesterday. And this morning he always call me to give him a hug because he said he is low bat and need to be charge with my hug. hehehe...So son get well soon.. mama loves you so much..

Home improvement

Home improvement is what I want in our house. Though I know I can’t do it any time soon because I need to save some money for this. I am starting to search what stuff I will buy when I already got the money I need. Anyways if anyone here want or planning to take home improvement you should visit The blog has helpful post that will give some idea on what to acquire best. So go and get started now.


Wow... this good.... Review Me is really good to me. I had 3 task from this this week. It's been a decade since I last posted my last post from them. Though it is not a high payout this time because the higher payout whom I reserved few weeks ago expired cos I don't have electricity. I really thought they will not give any task to me again cos I was not able to do that task. Anyways what can I say but... THANKS.... REVIEW ME...

Funny t shirt

Who don’t love shopping? I am pretty sure we all want to go shopping, they say shopping is girls best friend. I always enjoy whenever I do Christmas shopping for this is the only time I am allowed to spend too much. Hehehehe.. But shopping this time of the year is very stressful and tiring so this year I considering to shop online. Yay, shopping online can be too addicting too. My first stuff purchased online is Victoria Secret and this time I am craving to shop for Havaianas. I am also searching present that I will give to my family.

I want a unique gift so I opt to search online and I bump this Vintage T-shirt Store. Wow… I really like the item they are selling. They have funny t shirts, family t shirt, baby t shirt and many more. For me I want to purchase the funny T shirt for my sister. I only need to pick the funny imagine I like and choice the color and viola I can order it at So if anyone here wants to escape the stress of being in a long queue why not try shopping online. I am sure you will enjoy checking the stuff like I do when I first tried it.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Got another task

Wow I have another 4 task from payu2blog. Thanks payU for giving some opps this weeks. I am done with the task assign for this blog. I might do the 2 more task that is assign to my other blogs coz it is time for me to chat lalabs.

Top diet pill

We all know that there are many kinds of diet pills in the market now a days. But how sure we are that we are choosing the right one? Well, worry no more because there is a site that listed top diet pill that you may interested in. The review is done by their web site visitors and customers feedback left by their real consumers. If anyone here is planning to take some diet pill, be sure to choice the right diet pill for you to avoid getting into serious illness.

Diet pills, anyone?

You guys have been hearing me ranting a lot because of my weights. I was to start exercising with my gay cousin but now it is not possible. Recently I was diagnosed to have asthma so exercise might not good for me. I might consider checking some diet pills that is okay for my health. I go now and check they have listed top 10 diet pills in the market.

Question of the Week 23

  1. List your 2 fave site or blog/s and link us up! Tell us why! Cherryblossoms is where i met my lalabs and friendster I meet new friends
  2. List two bad habits that you have. Now tell me which one you would be willing to give up first. Staying late
  3. What spice or seasoning is your favorite? Which one can you add to anything and make it taste better? Magic sarap
  4. What is your birthstone? Do you like it? Or you want to change it? Acquamarine, yes i like it and i wont change it.
  5. Do you know what’s your name means? What? I dont know but its a German name
  6. What color polish do you most often wear? Or do you wear one? I like to wear light colors
  7. Think about this for a second - When you fasten your pants do you button first of zip first? button
  8. Which do you prefer, someone snoring right next to you on a plane or a baby crying right next to you on a plane too? snoring
  9. Which would you prefer, made to eat bugs or drink sour milk? Why? huh, i dont think I can eat bugs nor drink sour milk hehehhe...
  10. Which is worse, your roommate eating all the food or wearing your clothes? a board mate that is wearing my clothes.

Have fun!!! here

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Shop at

wow...this is great I can buy $8 of stylish eye glasses prescription at My mother is complaining about her old glasses so I might buy her in this site. The site offers any eye glasses of your choice. The Secret of Zenni’s Low Prices is that they sell only their own manufactured frames direct to the customer, with no middlemen and virtually no advertising budget. If anyone here is planning to get any eye glasses visit the link above before anything else.


Finally I am done blog hopping. It's been a while since I visited all the links in my blog roll. Though I sometimes visit some blog but I am lazy to leave any message. hehehhe.. The laziness in me.... Now, next assignment is visit my blog roll in my domain blog. I hope I can do it soon. Anyways, have you check your PR lately? I think google is again updating their sites. Congrats to all the blogs who will have a highest PR. hehehe.. Hopefully my blogs is not one on those who will lost PR.

Airline credit card, anyone?

Are you a type of person is who always flying? Then you might need to have an Airline Credit Cards? There are lots of airline credit card companies out there but only few of them gives great offers to their client. I came across this site that compares and ranks the most popular Airline Credit Cards in the globe. So if anyone here is planning to get an airline card visit to have a best choice.

Annoying connection

My connection makes me grrrr... I was not able to chat to my lalabs because I always got this 718 error whenever i tried to connect to internet. My best buddy Ma'am Imelda told me over the phone last night that she lost connection and so I open my pc to check it and to my dismay we are in the same both. I kept on calling my internet provider for almost 2 hours but to no avail.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Dance wear, anyone?

I am a frustrated dancer but I have a good friend who is a member of a dance troupe. I always watch him every performance they have in our town during fiesta celebration. Last week we had a chance to chat online and he is ranting about his old dance shoe. He has been roaming around the down area to look for a nice but affordable dance shoe. How I really wish I can help with him in his problem. Timely because I came across this site that offer dance wear and dance shoes. I know he can find the shoe he is looking for because this site has a wide range of dance accessories. Move is only online store for dancewear and dance shoes that cover the biggest range of ballet, ballroom, salsa, tap, character and jazz accessories up to 40% cheaper than the other store. Isn’t a great sale?

What is good in this online store is they allows customer to change the item if in case the original didn’t fit to the customer. So if you are looking for a great online store to shop for all your dancing needs visit before anything else. So go and get started.


My boyfriend arrived at home the other day from a long week vacation with his father and his sister’s family. They had a great fun. They went fishing, they grilled the catched fish, and played games with his sister’s family. I was touched when my boyfriend told me that he is looking forward to going on a vacation with me and our little rascal at the Lake District. Hopefully, this will happen soon. I am keeping my finger crossed.

At this early, i am already thinking of what to do when that time comes. I will ask him for a billeting at the Lake District Hotel. The fantastic sceneries overlooking the 3-acres location of this perfect getaway is so perfect for a honeymoon and family get together. When that happens, i will be the happiest woman in the world. It would be a dream come true. If anyone here are planning to take a great vacation with your love ones just follow the link I have provided to have a wonderful and memorable vacation. Anyways we are all entitle to take a break from hectic schedule at home and school.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Off for dinner

I've been online for almost 3 hours now, its time for me to eat my dinner and take a nap. I will be back later today and hopefully I will be right on time in triple P's giving of opps. So bye for now and back later today.

Leading beauty school

Are you planning to start up your own salon? Well, you need to know that putting a salon is not that easy you need to know the important details about cosmetology. Then maybe it is right that you enroll in one of the best school that teaches cosmetology. In fact there are many cosmetology schools in the market today but you can only trust few of them. One of them is the leading beauty school in United States. This beauty school was founded more than 50 years now with 30 campuses across the country and soon they will open three more campuses. So if you or anyone is planning to put up your own beauty salon or want to make cosmetology as a profession do visit the site for more information.

Rapidly increasing

Yay... I am watching the news while I am doing my task online. And I am a bit pissed knowing that the gasoline will increase later today. Last time I bought our gas it was 700 pesos I wonder how much it will be next time. They say gasoline will increase weekly? ohhh my god everything is increasing and hopefully all will be well soon as the poor are having more difficulties in their daily lives.


I am done with my task from Payu2blog for this blog I only have 3 more task to go that is assigned to my domain. I am running out of words to right but I've learned my lesson for not doing my assignments right away. Last month I have some task that expired because I run out time as not that I did not like to do it but it is because I lost electricity for few days and when I got the electricity back my pc's needs to be repair.

I want a cam

I want to have my own digital camera and I know I will have one in time. Right now I have some important things to buy than buying digital camera. Though I don’t have any plan in buying a cam for self I still surf in the net on where to buy Canon Powershot camera that is cheap. I found best buy of digital elph camera at and they have number of item that is free of charge in shipping.

Personalized children books

Uppsss…. I know it’s early to rants about Christmas but we all know time flies really fast. I know everybody will agree that during Christmas we sometimes run out of ideas on what to give to our love ones and godchildren. Last Christmas I really had hard time thinking on what gift to give to my godchildren. This year I want my gift to be unique and personalized gift is really cool. At they make customized stuff like children's books, songs, DVD’s. I will for sure join their club and buy some book for my son.

Safe water

I always worry when rain is pouring for few days in my place because the water that comes out in our faucet is unclear. That is why whenever this situation occurs I always end up buying purified water. It sometimes crosses in my mind to buy water purifiers, thus I not need to buy purified water when rain keeps pouring for few days. Anyways I stumbled upon this site, they have water purifiers and filters. In this site you c an also compare and check the reviews to make sure you are buying the right one.

Am I sick?

I am not sure if I am sick because of my runny nose if it is my migraine that is hitting me again. I do have lot of task to do from payu2blog. Hmmm... I am loving this site really, since I started blogging them they have been good to me. I sometimes run out of words to say when I am doing my task for them. How I wish I am fluent in English so I will not have difficulty in my talks.

Planning a Vacation?

Everyday life can become chaotic at times specially at work. The best way to get rid of the stress from work is spoiling our self to some luxurious and isolated resort. There are actually plenty of tremendous vacation destinations to choose from. But if I am given a chance to take a fabulous vacation I would like to visit negril jamaica, the island has a lot to offer that I find it interesting. You will definitely enjoy the eye-catching beaches and affordable high quality accommodations.

At you will find all inclusive resorts and adult vacations deals. As I go through the web site I wonder what Hedonism Resort can offer. Moreover when I read that this year’s Men of Hedonism calendar finalist are selected. I am sure this event is breath taking seeing those sexy men on stage. Hehehhe…If you want to have a different vacation experience this resort is worth visiting. So what are you looking for visit the site to know more about what this site can offer?

I want a vacation

I really want to take a vacation this time but sad to say it is very impossible for me this time. I do have many reasons as to why I can’t give my self a break and I am keeping those reasons to my self. Anyway this post is to all the lovers who want to have a vacation. I never thought that are travel agency who offer adult vacations. That is one of the offers of Super Club Super-Inclusive Resort.Negril, Jamaica is a good location to visit for me. The island has lot to offer like horse back riding, deep sea fishing, water rafting, parasailing, mountain biking and many more. In the site you will also see photos of all inclusive resorts available in the island. I can say that this island is a good choice for honeymooner’s couple.

So to have a wonderful and memorable vacation with you love one visit for booking and inquiries.


Good morning everybody I woke up at 4:15 in the morning. It is actually to early for me to wake up but I wanted to chase triple P's opps. But OLLAAA.LAA... I already got 12 opps in gray colors. I wonder what time they giving away the opps. Its been a while since I came on time. Anyway I got 2 opps from loadlunch but the problem is I not know how to do it. I will again try to submit a post with them and I hope this time I can do it. ADJA..... for me

Tekscout Innovation

Are having a hard time thing and planning to what kind of strategy to develop your product into the market? Do you want to know what to do to empress your customers? Worry no more because there us a company that will help you with this woe. Do you know that there is companies that will help you solve all those complex problems that will come your way as business owner? One of them is TekScout, an Open Innovation Network who comes to offer expert advices and professional help. If you are keen to know more about these innovations don’t hesitate to visit the site for more information. Uppss and before I end this post I just want to add more info. TekScout challenges are focused in the disciplines of Life Science, Physical Science, Chemistry, Engineering and Design, Math and Computer Science, and Alternative Energy and Sustainable Products.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

How weird I am

You Are 50% Weird
Normal enough to know that you're weird... But too damn weird to do anything about it!
How Weird Are You?
I am amazed with the result, I don't know that I am a bit weird. How about you? Do you know how weird are you?

Leading beauty school in United States

During high school the sections were I belong was assigned to cosmetology class. I and me classmate really had fun learning how to remove cuticles both in our self and to my other classmate. Anyway I didn’t know before that taking cosmetology can be a profession. During our high school reunion I met my former classmate and one of them pursue her cosmetology skills in college. Anyway if anyone here is planning to take cosmetology as a profession there is a good cosmetology schools. Regency Beauty Institute is the leading beauty school in the United Sates. Founded more than 50 years in Minneapolis and they now have 30 campuses across nine campuses. If you are keen to know more about this beauty school you can click the above link.

A best gift

Got this tag from Ma'am Imelda thanks for tagging me dear. *** Start Here *** Friendly Rules:1. Simply copy the inspirational story and in the end write down the lesson you have learned out from this. 2. Put your own blog name and link. Pass or tag this to your friends to inspire them. 3. Start copy from “Start here” until “End Copy” to your blog.

--- The Best Gift Ever ---

A young man was getting ready to graduate from college. For many months he had admired a beautiful sports car in a dealer's showroom and knowing his father could well afford it, he told him that was all he wanted. As Graduation Day approached, the young man awaited signs that his father had purchased the car.

Finally, on the morning of his graduation his father called him into his private study. His father told him how proud he was to have such a fine son, and told him how much he loved him. He handed his son a beautiful wrapped gift box. Curious, but somewhat disappointed, the young man opened the box and found a lovely, leather-bound Bible, with the young man's name embossed in gold. Angrily, he raised his voice to his father and said,"With all your money you give me a Bible?"And stormed out of the house, leaving the Bible.

Many years passed and the young man was very successful in business. He had a beautiful home and wonderful family, but realized his father was very old and thought perhaps he should go to him. He had not seen him since that graduation day. Before he could make arrangements, he received a telegram telling him his father had passed away, and willed all of his possessions to his son. He needed to come home immediately and take care of things. When he arrived at his father's house, sudden sadness and regret filled his heart.

He began to search through his father's important papers and saw the still new Bible, just as he had left it years ago. With tears, he opened the Bible and began to turn the pages. His father had carefully underlined a verse, Matt 7:11,"And if ye, being evil know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more shall your Heavenly father which is in heaven, give to those who ask Him?" As he read those words, a car key dropped from the back of the Bible. It had a tag with the dealer's name, the same dealer who had the sports car he had desired. On the tag was the date of his graduation, and the words...PAID IN FULL.

How many times do we miss God's blessing because they are not packaged as we expected? I trust you enjoyed this. Pass it on to others. Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; but remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for...


End Copy Lesson I learned: (The best gift doesn't always come with the nice packages, the Bible itself is a gift) 1. Outback-Pinay 2. Technotrend 3. Ness 4. Imelda 5. Celebrate Life I am tagging all my blogger friend that is listed in my blog roll

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Question of the Week 22

  1. When you have food cravings, is it usually for something sweet, salty, greasy, or creamy? Any kind
  2. Have you ever barf or fart in a public and blame it to someone else? Not yet but I sometimes
  3. You’re stuck in an airport, what do you do? send sms to my friends
  4. You fall in line, where are you? At the back of the last person in the queue
  5. Which of the following would your friends say you are? Shy, Clumsy,Pessimistic or Behind the times? Clumsy and shy
  6. Can you play a musical instrument? What is it? Not I am a frustrated musician
  7. How do you feel today? bored
  8. What movie have you watched the most? Face Off
  9. If you could have any car in the world, what would it be? BMW wish ko lang .... :-)
  10. What do you think about tattoos? Do you have any? Would you ever get any? Sucks... i don't have any and I don't have any plan in getting any
fart while watching tv and I blame to my cousins **winks**

Modern furniture for you

Isn't nice? I am planning to buy new furniture soon. And since I am always online I am searching on what kind of furniture I will buy. Until I came across this online store that offers various types of MODERN FURNITURE, their furniture is cool and affordable. If you are eager to check out thier furniture offer visit the link above.


some opps in triple P. I wake up at 5:45 in the morning and immediately open my pc but to my surprised there are 10 gray opps. I wonder what time the they came out. I slept very late last night. Anyway I hope I can still grab this morning I've been absent in the bloggosphere for few days so I need to catch up.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Bar stools at

I my Aunt renovated their house when they opt to stay here in the Philippines for good. Before the renovation I can say that the inside of their house is really simple but after the renovation I am amaze of the out come. They now have a bar counter though I haven’t seen any Bar Stools in it but it really looks great. My Aunt told me that her husband is planning to have a bar stool any time soon. But, my Aunt told me that her hubby once go home complaining because he has having difficulty on what kind of bar tool he will purchase.

I am pretty sure the husband of my Aunt will be happy if I will tell him about this site called At Quality Barstools he can find various types of bar stools from top manufacturer of the nation at discounted price. The huge selections of bar stools are wood bar stools, metal bar stools, aluminum bar stools, contemporary barstools, indoor and outdoor barstools, wood metal combo barstools and build your own barstools. You can customize your bar stools by choosing your fabric options and metal finish options. Furthermore they also offers free shipping in the Continental of United States on all orders over $500.00 via FedEx and UPS. So if you are looking for commercial and residential bar stools visit the the link for more information.

I am back finally

Yes after of being absent online I am now back for good. My pc at home is now working thanks Roy my computer technician. The first thing I did is check and complete my pending tasks. Then after completing my pending task I check my inbox and to my surprised I've got 600 messages that I need to delete. Argh... I will for sure need time to delete those messages. I go and start checking my messages.

Disney fine art exhibit

Are you fanatic of Disney characters? If so, this is your chance to grab one of your favorite characters on canvass. Ogden, Utah proudly presents “The Magic of Disney Fine Art Exhibition” in live performance presentation which will be held on September 20, 2008 at 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. Some artist will be featured like Trevor Carlton, Tricia Buchanan-Bensen, James Coleman, Mike Kupka, Harrison Ellenshaw and Peter Ellenshaw, among others. This exhibit showcase over 30 of your favorite Disney classic film such as Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland, Kermit the Frog, Mickey Mouse and many more. Over 300 limited edition of Disney fine art Giclee's on canvases available. If you are keen to know more about this exhibit visit the site for more information.

Lingerie, anyone?

My boyfriend sometimes asks me to wear sexy lingerie during out chat. When he first asks me to do that he was laughing when I told him that I don’t wear lingerie and that I don’t own any. What is done is I bought 2 pairs of sexy lingerie and surprised him on during his b-day. Since I am gaining weights I need to buy new lingerie that I will wear when he finally arrive. I’ve been searching the net on where to purchased a plus size lingerie that is cheap but good quality.