Friday, July 11, 2008

Funny t shirt

Who don’t love shopping? I am pretty sure we all want to go shopping, they say shopping is girls best friend. I always enjoy whenever I do Christmas shopping for this is the only time I am allowed to spend too much. Hehehehe.. But shopping this time of the year is very stressful and tiring so this year I considering to shop online. Yay, shopping online can be too addicting too. My first stuff purchased online is Victoria Secret and this time I am craving to shop for Havaianas. I am also searching present that I will give to my family.

I want a unique gift so I opt to search online and I bump this Vintage T-shirt Store. Wow… I really like the item they are selling. They have funny t shirts, family t shirt, baby t shirt and many more. For me I want to purchase the funny T shirt for my sister. I only need to pick the funny imagine I like and choice the color and viola I can order it at So if anyone here wants to escape the stress of being in a long queue why not try shopping online. I am sure you will enjoy checking the stuff like I do when I first tried it.

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Anonymous said...

This site has one of my all time favorite funny t-shirt - The Danger tee

Danger !
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