Saturday, July 12, 2008

Garden, anyone?

I used to have a green thumb during my teenage days. I remember I have many different flowering plants in my grandmother’s back yard. But few months ago I tried to plant flowering plants in our back yard but to my dismay the plants died. I am really upset because I asked those plants for a dear friend of mine whom I seldom see. Too bad the plants did not blossom because it will always remind me of that friend. Now all I can do is envy whenever I see a beautiful garden because I don’t think so I can still handle to have a garden of my own for the green thumb in me was lost. The only way I could think to have a garden is to ask someone to do it for me.

Anyways I bumped into this site called Garden Escape. The site offers garden rooms, garden office, garden buildings and any where you want to put your garden. Huh, if I will be to choice I will choice to have a garden in my back yard. I want a garden that is spacious. I since I can not make the plant bloom I don’t have any plan to take gardening as a business for that matter. Pleasure yes, because flowers really bring pleasure to us. It helps our mind at ease and calm. Indeed, a place where we can relax and smell the breeze of different flower.

If anyone here wants to have a garden but don’t know where to put it then don’t look any further visit They will help you decide on where to put your garden. They can also build it for you. So go visit the link and get started.

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