Thursday, September 18, 2008

Diet pill reviews

Before I give birth to my son I was a skinny girl I remember I was eating too much because I want to get more fats but to no avail. So I thought my metabolism works so fast or maybe I am always tired and stressed that time. Anyway after a year of giving birth I noticed that my weight is slowly increasing and I did not mind it as I want to have some fats and now I gained more than 10 kilos. And honestly I not want what I am seeing in the mirror so I am thinking to take a diet pill since I am a lazy type of person but problem is I am afraid I might buy low quality of diet pill. So I browse in the internet as there are hundreds of sites that provides diet pill reviews and viola I came across this website called

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twinks said...

We share the same sentiment sis..
I was skinny before but after giving birth I gained weight - tabain pa naman ako. Its easy to gain weight and very hard to lose it. hehe..

About EC toolbar sis, you should try it, if you're using firefox 3 you should give it a try. As in it helps a lot, naku in your part baka thousand drops a day. Its very easy kasi within your browser na..

Have a nice day :]