Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Display banner for my freind's aunt

Christmas is on the air and so some of us are waiting for Christmas Bazaar where we can shop for cheaper items. Soon I will see lot of banners stands in the street promoting the stores. I have a friend whose family is into selling business and she mentioned to me that her aunt is looking for a banner supplier that will help them with their banner stands problem. This friend of mine asked me if I can be of help and I promise her check it online. While surfing the net I came across this site that specializes in any types of banners, brochure stands, or anything that is needed for a bazaar or trade show exhibit. You will not regret because has the best product range, has the lowest price you can find online and the highest standards of service. And if you are keen to know more about the site feel free to visit the link I’ve provided.

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twinks said...

Hi sis,
Christmas is in the air..
it's the BER month na..

Have a nice day :]

Anonymous said...

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